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Shin Tokyo Engineering Co., Ltd.

Mr.Kosuke Tanaka (Managing Director)

Shin Tokyo Engineering, a J-GoodTech registered company, has technical expertise on producing crimping tools and pressure-welding tools. These tools are mainly use for crimping and pressure-welding a terminal of a connector to cables.

Their unique point is a technology to manufacture labor-saving machinery and tool for pressure-welding and crimping with high pressure that can keep good and long-lasting connection between cables.

Also, Shin Tokyo Engineering is an ODM and OEM company which provides custom-made products and very quick response to reach customer's need and satisfaction by designing, developing, manufacturing, repairing, and maintenance.

We met Mr. Kosuke Tanaka, a managing director of Shin Tokyo Engineering, in MEDTECH 2019 Exhibition which Shin Tokyo Engineering exhibited there for 3 days (MEDTECH is the largest medical device manufacturing and design show in Asia). He gave us some information about his company, and how he is interested in finding some overseas companies to be his business partner in the future.

Company's information

The company has founded in April 1980. Almost 40 years in the business, Shin Tokyo Engineering continues their works since its foundation as a supplier of crimping machines for electronic parts, connectors, terminal, crimping tools, pressure welding machines, press-fitting machines, assembly labor-saving machines pressure welding tools and jig tools.

By technical and very skillful of manufactures, Shin Tokyo Engineering has gained trust from many customers which mostly are the world's No.1 leading manufacturer and famous Japanese manufacturers.

Moreover, the company also consider with standardize processing by obtained ISO 9001:2000, an international standard for quality management system, in 2007 and renewed ISO 9001:2008 certification in 2010 and 2013, then has transferred to ISO 9001:2015 in 2018.

Interesting products

There are various interesting products that Shin Tokyo Engineering produce include

(1) Hand Crimping Tool
A manual hand crimping tool with two type of handle, long and short type.
Long handle type is applicable with terminals and wires. Also, it can be handled in a wide range of sizes. The crimping die is operated vertically to obtain stable crimp shape and quality.
Short handle type is easy to hold and makes the ratchet function release even the handle is closed halfway.
And there are more kind of hand crimping tools, please see as the details in this website. (URL)

(2) Hand Press
A machine made from high-grade aluminum alloy. It is robust but compact, lightweight and easy to carry. This machine has satisfied many users as its high quality of pressing and crimping of various connectors, punching of thin sheets, and Japanese paper etc.

(3) Electric Crimping Machine
This is a tabletop electric crimping machine, which can crimp various of loose terminals. By replacing crimping die, the temporary holding mechanism for terminals can improve work efficiency.
With the reverse rotation switch, the reverse rotation operation mechanism can prevent an overload when a problem occurs such as the applied terminals are mistaken, or the terminals are improperly attached.

(4) Flat Cable Cutter and Flat Cable Stripper
The flat cable cutter is easy to cut, accurately and reliably without bending. And the flat fable stripper is easy to peel off flat cable sheathing.

(5) Hand Weld Tool
It is for a special purpose like loose wire displacement connectors. This tool is for pressing discrete wire one by one and suitable for applications where the designer creates harness samples.

Looking for overseas partner companies

After getting some information of Shin Tokyo Engineering, later we asked Mr. Tanaka about his opinion to have overseas business partner and he replied

"Of course, now we are interested in having reliable partner companies in foreign countries as well. Our company is looking for some OEM companies with capable of hand press parts."

Mr. Tanaka explained more about his plan in the future. "We have many customers from ASEAN countries, and it would be great if we can find our partner from ASEAN companies as well. Our need is to send some key parts from Japan to our partner company in ASEAN countries, let them produce remaining parts, and assembly before send the finished products back to us for exporting afterwards."

Besides, supply crimping tools and pressure-welding tools to connector manufacturers and harness processors, now the company is interested expanding their business to many industry sectors and medical equipment manufacturers, and medical care.

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