Login information
Q1. I forgot my J-GoodTech login password. What should I do?

If you forgot your password, please go to the following link and reset your password.
Password reset page:

Q2. Any costs associated with J-GoodTech?

Registration and ALL other J-GoodTech services are available FREE of charge.

Q3. What type of companies can join J-GoodTech?

J-GoodTech was originally created for providing services to small & medium businesses in Japan. However, companies from other countries can also become members now and benefit from our services, as long as they have been approved by authorized support organizations.

Q4. What languages are supported by J-GoodTech?

You can choose between Japanese and English.

Q5. What are the benefits of becoming a J-GoodTech member?

• By joining J-GoodTech, you will be part of a global network composed of thousands of well-established companies around the world. Indeed, all the member companies has been selected for their technologies, products, services and others factors as their ability to meet their commitments to the other members.

• You can find potential business partners and start business talks with them. Find services/products/technology you are looking for and exchange messages instantly with all the members.

• Your company can benefit from support services provided by coordinators from SME SUPPORT JAPAN. The coordinators can help members find the right partner for their business.

• Members can also take part in business meeting events sponsored by SME SUPPORT JAPAN or co-sponsored organizations. Participate in face-to-face matching events, and keep connected with new potential partners even after the event via our platform.

Q6. What type of companies can we expect to be matched with?

J-GoodTech provides matching services with Japanese SMEs selected by SME SUPPORT JAPAN. The selection of Japanese companies is based on their technology, products and services.

Q7. Where can I find information about success stories on J-GoodTech?

You can find J-GoodTech success stories here:
J-GoodTech Success Stories

Using J-GoodTech : Edit company profile
Q8. Who updates my company profile on J-GoodTech?

You create and manage your own company profile. To captive potential customers and give them a good impression, be sure to make your company profile as attractive as possible. Briefly describe the strengths of your company.

Q9. How do I edit my company profile?

Watch our video showing how to edit your company profile:
Video on editing company information available here.

Q10. Where do I edit my company profile?

When you are connected to J-GoodTech, click on « My page » located on the top right menu of your screen. Select then « Edit corporate profile ».

Q11. What kind of information can I publish on my company profile?

You can publish information about your company and related information about your business (i.e. strengths and advantages of your products or services).

Q12. How can I edit my company profile?

Follow the next steps to edit your company profile:
1. Go to “My page” and click “Edit corporate profile”.
2. Click “English” and start editing your information. There are 8 sections where you can edit information about your company, products, etc. (Contact Person Information, Corporate info 1, etc.)
3. Select one section and click “Edit” to start editing it. At the end of each page you can directly save the data for direct publication by clicking “Save” or you can save it as a draft for later publication by clicking “Draft”.
You can also watch a video showing how to edit your product and technology information.
Video on entering and editing product and technology information available here.

Q13. What information should be included in our “Promo Info”?

“Promo info” is the place where you can tell more about your company, products, etc. and where you can make the difference to attract potential customers. Briefly describe your company’s technology, products or services; who is it for (target your customers/clients); where and how it can be used (specific manufacturing process, concrete services examples, etc.); and what value would be added (how does it meet your customer needs, customer satisfaction, etc.).

Q14. Is my company information searchable after editing?

Yes, all your company information is added to the search engine. The more information you edit, the more J-GoodTech users are likely to find you.

Q15. When will our company profile and Promo info be updated on the website?

Company profile and Promo info are updated as soon as you click the save button.

Q16. Can we add videos on our J-GoodTech company profile page?

J-GoodTech does not support video uploads. To add a video to your page, upload it first to YouTube or other video-sharing site and then copy the video link on your company’s profile page.

Q17. Is it possible to add a J-GoodTech banner link on our company’s website?
J-GoodTech mutual link banner

120px × 90px

J-GoodTech mutual link banner

234px × 60px

Yes, you are free to add a link to J-GoodTech to your website. Please use the images above to make a banner link.

Here is an example of how to link your company profile on J-GoodTech to your website.

Note: the description below is an example. Please download the banner and install it according to the requirements of your website.

<a href="/web/page/corp/-/info/(your company ID number on J-GoodTech)/appeal/eng" target="_blank"><img src=“(storage location of your company's banner image on your website/image file name)" width=“(width of used banner)" height=“(height of used banner)" alt=“your company’s name - J-GoodTech"/></a>

“Topics” function
Q18. What is the “Topics” function?

The “Topics” function is a bulletin board where members can easily exchange information with other members. Among other things, you can launch discussion group and interact with the other members. “Topics categories” refers to threads of posts on subjects, such as an announcement of new events and introduction of new products allowing to quickly find what you are searching for.

Q19. How do I use the “Topics” function?

To make the best use, please refer to the J-GoodTech user guide below and watch how to use the “Topics” function.
Topics user guide is available here.

Q20. Can anyone post a new topic?

Only J-GoodTech members can post a new topic.

Q21. Can I respond to a post I’m interested in.

If you are a J-GoodTech member, you can at any time respond to post you are interested in.

Q22. If I start a new topic or respond to posts, will my name and company’s name appear?

Only your company’s name will be displayed.

Q23. Can I directly contact the poster of a topic?

Yes, you can. After selecting a Topic, click “Corporate information” (left side of the screen) and then select Inquiry to directly contact the poster.

Q24. How do I delete a topic posted by mistake?

Users cannot delete topics. If you want to delete a topic, please contact the J-GoodTech administration office. (jgoodtech_cs2@smrj.go.jp)

Q25. How do I correct a comment posted in a topic?

Users cannot edit posted comments. You can, however, delete your comment by clicking “Delete” on the right side of the posted comment.

“Needs” function
Q26. What is the "Needs" function?

It is a bulletin board where J-GoodTech members can post their business needs information (request for solutions for technical problem, project development; search for consignment process partner, reseller partner, etc.). Members who receive a proposal for their business need can then directly interact with the submitter of the proposal and start negotiations. Please see the following usage guide to learn more about the “Needs” function.

Q27. Who can view the information posted in “Needs”?

Needs information posted by overseas companies are visible to all J-GoodTech members (company members, support organization from Japan and affiliated countries, and staff members of the J-GoodTech management office).

Q28. What kind of information should I provide when introducing my needs?

In general, the more abstract your information is, the more proposals you may receive. However, the relevance of each proposal may be low. On the contrary, if you give more specific information, you may receive less proposals but more relevant ones. In any case, please do not include confidential information.

Q29. Who can view the contents of a proposal I received?

The contents of a proposal and all ensuing communications are only shared between the poster of the needs and the submitter of the proposal. The other members cannot see the contents.

J-GoodTech business coordinators
Q30. What kind of people are J-GoodTech coordinators?

J-GoodTech coordinators are experienced in products and technology development, procurement operations, partnerships, trading and support for small & medium businesses.

Q31. What kind of advice can I get from a J-GoodTech coordinator?

J-GoodTech coordinators can give advice on:

• How to use the J-GoodTech platform and maximize it (Needs, Topics, Edit company profile, etc.).

• How to exchange information and start business discussions with Japanese companies.

Q32. How can I get advice from a J-GoodTech coordinator?

To ask for advice, please contact us by email at (jgoodtech_cs2@smrj.go.jp)
In relation to the type of advice you need, we will put you into contact with the appropriate coordinator.