Privacy Policy

The website of J-GoodTech (hereafter referred to as “the Site”) is managed and operated by the Organization for Small & Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation, JAPAN (hereafter referred to as “the Organization”). The Organization is concerned with protecting the privacy of the Site’s users and has established this Privacy Policy.

1. Basic Concept

In the operation of the Site, the Organization will pay due attention to ensure that the personal information of users that can identify specific individuals (including data that can be easily collated with other information so as to identify a particular individual) is handled lawfully and fairly, securing accuracy and transparency, while protecting privacy.

2. Legal Grounds for Processing Personal Information

The Organization may collect or process the personal information of a user in accordance with 3 and 4 below, based on the consent of the user.

3. Personal Information to be Collected

(1) When some functions are used, the Site may collect a user’s personal information including the following after obtaining the consent of the user.
・Email address
・Phone number
・Department and title
・Other personal information that is entered optionally in the application and inquiry forms
・ID and password for using the Site
・Social media information
(2) When collecting the information in (1) above, public institutions or organizations that were established or operate in the public interest following laws and regulations, with which the user has registered, may be used as a source of information.
(3) The Site automatically collects information on internet domain names, IP addresses, query information for in-site searches, and other information concerning the browsing of the Site.

4. Purpose of Processing Personal Information and Handling of Disclosure to Third Parties and Data Retention

(1) The personal information collected on the Site may be used in the following cases to fulfill the purpose of operation of the Site. Among the personal data in 3 (1) above, items listed in a separate table will be used in such cases.
・To perform business matching between companies (including setup, preparation, execution, and follow-up)
・To respond to inquiries
・To distribute information through email newsletters and other means
・To provide user support concerning the use of the Site
・To invite candidates, suggestions, and opinions regarding business matching
・For statistics and survey
・For other matters concerning the facilitation and improvement of the operation of the Site
(2) The collected personal information will be handled in accordance with the provisions concerning the treatment of Personal Information in this Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use of J-GoodTech. Also, the information collected on the Site will not be disclosed to a third party except for a case in which such disclosure is deemed necessary to achieve the purposes in (1) above, where the user consented to the disclosure, where there is a request for disclosure based on the law, or where there are other special reasons to do so. (If the recipient resides in a country or region that is not decided as being ensured an adequate level of protection concerning the “General Data Protection Regulation” (GDPR) stipulated by the EU, the Organization shall obtain the user’s consent beforehand.)
Please note that the collected personal information will be retained as long as it remains useful for fulfilling the purposes of collection and processing. However, it will be deleted if a user withdraws consent to the collection and use of the user’s personal information, or if the Organization deems it to be necessary.

5. Use of Cookies

(1) The Site uses cookie technology on some pages to provide convenient features for users and to make the Site more user-friendly by collecting statistical data on browsing status.
(2) While the data saved in cookies may be used for assisting user input based on a user’s request, it will not be collated with personal information and used for any purposes other than those mentioned above. Moreover, the information in cookies alone cannot identify individual users. Users can refuse to accept cookies, and have a warning displayed whenever a cookie has been received by changing their browser settings by themselves. However, please note that if cookies are refused, a user may not be able to use some of the services on the Site.
(3) The Site uses the following advertising technologies concerning the use of cookies. The Organization will not provide the personal information of a user to other service providers when using these technologies.
・Name of advertising technology: Google Analytics (including display advertiser features) and Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords)
・Provider: Google
・How cookies are collected and used: Refer to the Google Analytics Terms of Service and Google Privacy Policy.
・How to disable the collection of cookies: Refer to the Google Analytics opt-out browser add-on and Google Ad display settings.
・Purpose of use:
a) To improve services provided on the Site
b) To investigate the number of users and traffic on the Site
c) To use as a reference for expanding new services
d) To distribute advertising with consideration of the Site visit history

6. User Rights

Regarding the handling of their personal information, users have the following rights in addition to those included in the above items. In a case in which the Organization needs to take action in response to a user’s exercise of these rights, it shall be conducted within one month unless there are specific reasons.
a) The right to withdraw consent to the collection and processing of personal information (this does not retroactively affect processing prior to the withdrawal of consent)
b) The right to confirm whether or not the user’s own personal information is handled, and the right to access such information
c) The right to correct or delete the user’s own personal information and to restrict handling thereof, or the right to state objections regarding handling, to a relevant data protection regulatory agency for the location, workplace, country, or region where the objectionable handling took place
d) The right to receive the user’s personal information in a structured, commonly usable, machine-readable format, and the right to transfer this personal data to persons other than the Organization (the right to data portability)
e) The right to avoid judgments (such as profiling) that are made only by automatic processing, and that affect the user legally and significantly

7. Scope of Application

This Privacy Policy will apply only to the Site.
Matters concerning protection of the privacy of users will be handled in accordance with the “SMRJ Privacy Protection and Management Rules” and related rules in addition to this Privacy Policy.
*Regarding privacy protection at the Organization, please visit the following links.

8. Inquiries about This Privacy Policy

Communications and inquiries about this Privacy Policy and privacy protection issues can be made to the following Site administrator.
Marketing Support Division, Marketing Support Department, Organization for Small & Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation, JAPAN
・Email address:

Last updated July 16, 2019

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