About J-GoodTech

What is J-GoodTech

J-GoodTech is an online business matching platform. Our mission is to simplify and support the creation of partnerships between Japanese SMEs and companies worldwide.
We make it simple for you to seek or propose solutions to your fellow members, find innovative ideas for your business and eventually identify the right strategic partners.

J-GoodTech is operated by SME SUPPORT JAPAN, a government organization having the “Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI)” of Japan as the Competent Ministry.

The J-GoodTech member companies are screened by competent authority (governments, etc.) in respective countries. SME SUPPPORT JAPAN screens all the Japanese companies. As a result, members have access to an international business network composed of well-established companies covering a wide variety of industries.

What can you do with us

Find your best business partners in Japan and around the world. Use our services to:

Promote company
Promote your business worldwide

With our platform you can advertise your company’s products, technology and services, then, among other things, receive inquiries and sales leads from the other member companies.

Company search
Find products / technology / services

Whether you want to explore or find new products, technology or any other solutions you want to implement in your business, you can search for it at any time. Identify then new potential partners to work with.

Request solutions

You can always share your needs to all the members to develop products, seek collaboration on projects and for anything your business may need to be stronger.

Submit topics of interest

Easily exchange ideas and views on a particular matter. Introduce new products or events to all the members.

How can your business benefit from joining us

By becoming a member, boost your business by accessing:

Highly skilled Japanese companies
A network of well-established companies
Thousands of qualified companies covering a wide range of industries
Support from J-GoodTech Coordinators
Attend matching events sponsored by SME SUPPORT JAPAN
Services Free of Charge
A unique gateway to highly skilled Japanese companies and companies worldwide

It has never been easier to build a strong business network and find your right business partner for your project development. Moreover, communication can be held in English between all the members increasing user experience.

A network of well-established companies

By becoming a member, you will join a network of well-established companies. Indeed, all members are selected based on the ability to pursue solid relationships with fellow members.

Thousands of qualified companies covering a wide range of industries

12,000 Japanese companies and 5,700 companies in the rest of world totaling more than 17,700 members. It covers a wide range of industries from industrial and manufacturing sectors to service companies enabling your company to find the best business partner regardless of your variety of needs.

Support from international business coordinators

60 coordinators with expertise, assigned by SME SUPPORT JAPAN can assist you with communication, information exchange between members or explore new opportunities by finding potential partners for your business.

Attend matching events sponsored by SME SUPPORT JAPAN

Meet potential partners and keep in touch via our platform after the event which may lead to further negotiations.

Services free of charge

Indeed, all J-GoodTech services are free of charge.

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