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Sanwa Creation Co., Ltd.

Mr.Kenichiro Tezuka (President)

Sanwa Creation, a J-GoodTech registered company, has been a manufacturer and distributor of high precision pins and shafts since it is founded in 1999.

But pins and shafts are not only two main products that Sanwa Creation has the specialization, the company also manufacture high precision of die components, industrial cutters, specialized cutting tools, diamond abrasion resistant products, and precision nozzles to offer in many sales channel.

The strongest point of Sanwa Creation is processing technique of microfabrication from any kind of hard material such as cement carbide, tungsten carbide, zirconia ceramics, and diamonds. Plus with micromachining technology for grinding pins and shafts by ultra-precision machining method which can make a diameter of the products are as fine as 0.01 mm for the minimum external diameter, a minimum outside diameter tolerance of ±0.0001 mm, and roundness of 0.0001.

We met Mr.Kenichiro Tezuka, a President of Sanwa Creation, with Mr.Tomohiro Matsushita (Sales Engineer), and also Mr.Jun Takiguchi (Person in charge of J-GoodTech). Mr.Kenichiro Tezuka, a President, is an energetic and cheerful person. He shared a lot of information about the company and impressive products. He also brought our group to a short-time factory tour, that was really worth to share this precious visit to J-GoodTech member.

Company's information

As a pin and shaft manufacturer, Sanwa Creation is keen to develop its own expertise in the area of ultra-high-accuracy micromachining technology since its establishment.

The Company has been experienced in the microminiaturization and creation of ultraprecise advanced technology products that reach the demand of a micron, sub-micron, and Nano-level degree of accuracy.

With 20 years of experience in manufacturing and distributing high precision pins and shafts, Sanwa Creation also manufacture and sell abrasion-resistant jigs made of polycrystalline diamond (PCD) for industrial use, which were born to satisfy in-house needs. Furthermore, the company also do a custom-made product to achieve customers requirement too.

Most of the products are manufactured for many different applications such as semiconductors, electronic parts, automobiles, measuring equipment, office equipment, and now the company put more focus on the medical, environmental, health, and preventative medicine field.

While trying to improve technology and products to satisfy customers, Sanwa Creation also recognizes the importance of conserving the global environment and willing to decrease the burden on the environment by announcing its policy to all employees to manage chemical substances appropriately, reduce the amount of energy consumed, do part to conserve energy and take measures against global warming, strive to reduce, reuse, and recycle waste products, and fully utilize resources, develop products which reduce the burden on the environment.

Interesting products

There are various interesting products that Sanwa Creation produce include

1.High Precision Pins / Shafts

• Pin Gauges :
Use for measure inner diameters, and provide measuring accuracy in the order of microns. Made from Tungsten carbide and zirconia ceramics.
• Micron Pins :
Very fine pins with an external diameter of φ0.1 mm or less. The straight micron pins are used as an electrode material for small hole EDM when adding nozzle holes to fuel injection equipment in diesel engines.
• Push-Up Needles :
Made from Tungsten carbide and can be used as ejector pins, measuring probe needles, micromanipulator operation pins, and so on.
• Centerless Cylindrical Grinding Products :
Created by using micron to sub-micron accuracy grinding technology. They are used in all sorts of fields, such as automobiles, communication, semiconductors, and medicine.

2.Die Components

• Punch Pins :
The company manufacture punch pins for press molds and different types of pins necessary for precision metal molds. It is used for various things, such as precise hole processing for inkjet printer heads.
• Pilot Pins :
Pilot pins are inserted into product holes and pilot holes in materials to ensure the correct pitch is obtained during positioning.
• Core Pins :
Highly precise and fine core pins are suitable for injection molds or for processing inkjet printer heads.

3.Industrial Cutters / Tools

• Slitter Knives :
This slitter knives are used in ISOWA Corporation and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries' corrugating machinery. The company has independently developed our own superfine-tungsten carbide, which has a high degree of hardness and a very long lifespan. It is over 10 times more durable than steel.
• Green Sheet Cutters :
Use to cut green sheets used in multilayer ceramic chip capacitor manufacturing processes. The company has improved durability through the use of our own uniquely developed superfine-tungsten carbide MS series.
• Electroplated Grindstones :
Use in fine drilling of fragile materials, such as ceramics, quartz and rubies. The shafts are mostly made of superfine-tungsten carbide, and Sanwa Creation can make them from a tool diameter of φ0.1 mm.

For more information about Diamond Products (PCD products) and Fine Drilling Products of Sanwa Creation, please see as follow

Looking for overseas partner companies

Sanwa Creation is now looking for an alliance business from South East Asian countries as Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and etc. who can be a distributor or co-maker with the company.

Even though majority market for Sanwa Creation’s products is in Europe, but at present, the company will gradually expand sales channels into an overseas market by participating in overseas exhibitions to acquire new customers in many Asian countries by making use of the company’s unique strengths in technology and proposals as the company’s advantage.

Moreover, Sanwa Creation will utilize the power of online marketing such as company website or J-GoodTech to promote the products and show their advanced process technology to satisfy requests from overseas companies.

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