How it works

Case 1

I want to increase exposure for my business and gain customers.

Edit your “Corporate Profile” page on J-GoodTech to describe your business and products. As J-GoodTech is accessible by thousands of companies around the world, you will gain exposure and bring more customers to your business.

Case 2

I want to find new potential suppliers,customers or business partners.

The “Company Search” function allows you to look for new potential suppliers, customers or business partners. You can search for company profiles of other members via key words and/or via various search criteria such as country, industry, and number of employees.

Case 3

I want to find information on advanced technology developed by Japanese SMEs.

The easiest way to find that information is to use the “Company Search” function and narrow your search via the available criteria and/or via key words. For instance, you can type the word “technology” in the search bar and select the country as “Japan”. Further narrow your search with other key words to improve the search results.

Case 4

I am looking for partner(s) to develop products with incorporating new concepts or adding value to current product by integrating innovative technology.

The “Needs” function allows you to appeal to all member companies for products / technology / service information that your company is looking for. First, submit your specific needs, in this case, explain the type of product you want to develop in partnership. Secondly, if members have relevant proposals in regard to your project they may contact your company. Select then those you are interested in and finally start business talks to identify the right partner.

Case 5

I want to exchange information on a particular subject of interest with other members.

With The “Topics” function, you can exchange information on a particular subject with all the members. Among others, you can introduce a new product or announce a new event. Post ideas and topics of interest that may eventually help you identify opportunities for your present and future projects.

Case 6

I want to collect various information such as market trends, innovative technology or advanced products in Japan.

We have created a page, "Inside Japan", specifically dedicated to current Japan innovation and trends. We regularly update information on new technology, innovative companies and market trends. Feel free to visit "Inside Japan" and discover more about Japan as an innovative country.

“Topics” page

Initiate a topic for information exchange
Log In
Click “Topics”

Topics is a place where J-GoodTech members can initiate group discussion and exchange information about any topic related to their area of interest.

Click “Create a new topic”

Enter topic content. Select the corresponding topics category and key words, write the title and content of your topic. Add a file if necessary.


Confirm the topic content.


Topic request completed. The topic will be posted after 2-3 working days after confirmation by the J-GoodTech management office.

Approved and posted
Members can comment and exchange information
Join a discussion
Log In
Click “Topics”
Find Topics of your interest

Select topics category and key words to quickly find a topic.

Comment a Topic

After selecting a topic you can add a comment. Go to the bottom of the page, then the exchange information box will appear. Post any comment in relation to the topic.

Exchange Information

Comments are directly visible, which allow direct interaction between members.

Editing company profile

Log In
Click "My Page"
Click "Edit Corporate Profile"

Post information about your company and related information about your business (product, technology information, etc.).

“Company Search” function

Log In
Click “Company Search”
Search via criteria such as key words, industry category, country, etc.
Select the company of your interest
Click “Inquiry” and request for further information

“Needs” function

Access the “Needs”
Log In
Click “Needs”
Select the needs of your interest
Register your Needs
Log In
Click “Needs”
Click “Register new Need”
Fill in the form

Edit your Needs and attach files by clicking “attach files” if necessary.


Save as draft or go to the confirmation page to complete.

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