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Environmental Technology

Environmental Technology

China and Southeast Asian countries continue to grow at a remarkable rate. In addition to expectations for the future role that these countries will fulfill in the global economy, concern is frequently expressed regarding destruction of the environment. Today, the world is pursuing sustainability. Corporations are expected to act responsibly towards the global environment and society. For a long time, the notion existed that economic growth and environmental protection are incompatible goals; however, balancing these two important issues will be essential in the future.

Global warming and climate change are shared issues facing all of mankind. 2015 marked the adoption of SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) and the Paris Agreement, which are systematic international goals for achieving a sustainable society. The world is working to develop technology which does not place a load on the global environment.

Amidst these circumstances, Japan has been praised as an environmentally advanced nation and a leader in environmental technology. In addition to technology for reducing and purifying the pollution of water, soil, and air, Japan has developed countless new technologies which are capable of evolving together with the global environment. Some examples include the utilization of sustainable energy such as solar power, water power, wind power, and biomass, the development of recycling technology for maximum reduction of waste, the development of eco-friendly cars with reduced emissions of environmentally hazardous substances, and the creation of materials and products with low environmental load. Among these technologies, you will surely find solutions which can resolve the business issues faced by your corporation and dramatically improve your corporate value.

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility; business ethics) activities are conducted so that corporations can fulfill their responsibility towards the environment and the society. In the past, some aspects of CSR were thought to be a burden on corporations. However, due to growing global trends such as ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) investment, the degree that a corporation contributes to the global environment is now directly linked to corporate value. Today, globalization continues to advance and the entire world is focusing on the sustainable activities of each corporation. We urge you to take full advantage of the environmental technology and eco friendly products developed by J-GoodTech member companies.

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