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Manufacturing Optimization

Manufacturing Optimization

In addition to serving as a global supply chain that achieves cost reduction, production bases in China and Southeast Asia are now expected to be profit centers in the Asian market. The manufacturing sites in these countries and regions are faced with urgent challenges such as shorter lead time, improved quality, and manufacturing optimization that includes support for short delivery deadlines. Another pressing issue is implementing the 5S, a Japanese workplace organization method that consists of "sort," "set in order," "shine," "standardize," and "sustain."

Machine tools and industrial robots fulfill a major role in achieving optimized production efficiency at smart manufacturing sites. Known as "mother machines," machine tools are able to process materials and produce machine parts, thus serving as the foundation for various types of manufacturing at smart factories. Industrial robots never grow tired and contribute to increased productivity by taking over routine work performed by human workers and resolving labor shortages. Japanese machine tools and industrial robots are highly recognized for strengths such as precision, durability, and support services. As a result, Japanese products occupy a top position at the world level. The importance of machine tools and industrial robots is forecasted to increase further in a future era driving by AI and IoT.

Moreover, prior to installing such innovative facilities and devices, 5S methods should be considered as a first step for manufacturing optimization. 5S methodology is a commonplace aspect of work at many Japanese companies. There are also companies that hold seminar for further improvement of 5S as well as companies that support implementating the 5S.

Today, Japanese machine tool manufacturers and other corporations related to manufacturing are considering investing in Asian countries. Countless production centers and other facilities are currently being constructed in Asia. For local corporations, this is an opportunity to easily implement the outstanding elements of Japanese corporations. We urge you to take this opportunity to consider the implementation of innovative technology and the improvement of your workplace environment. Doing so will surely give you a tangible advantage over your competitors.

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