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Cold Chain

Cold Chain

The diversification of food accompanies the continued economic growth in regions such as China and countries in Southeast Asia. Demand is increasing for refrigerated and frozen products including milk, yogurt, ice cream, and other dairy products. However, in these regions, supply has not kept pace with the rapid increase in demand. There is a need to deliver fresh ingredients to these regions from distant production sites. Moreover, it is also necessary to ship pharmaceuticals that have temperature management as an absolute requirement, thus enabling the receipt of high-level medical treatment regardless of where patients live. This is made possible through the appropriate establishment of a "cold chain," which consists of innovative technology and systems for transportation at fixed temperatures for frozen and refrigerated products. In other words, the cold chain is innovative infrastructure which enriches our daily lives and ensures high-quality growth.

However, it is not easy to establish a cold chain. The reason is that integrated temperature control is essential in all stages from the time of shipping to during transportation, temporary storage at logistics centers, and delivery. Precise and advanced technological ability is required to achieve such control. Many corporations in Japan possess the necessary technology. Indeed, the high level of Japanese technology is evident from how the cold chain reaches every corner of Japan. Specifically, Japan possesses corporations that provide quick-freezing and quick-thawing technology, packaging for maintaining freshness, technology for precise temperature control (management of chilled products), packing services, and other innovate technologies essential for establishing a cold chain, as well as corporations that support overall operations such as logistics, development of shipping centers, and construction of systems. This wide range of corporations provides comprehensive services for resolving numerous issues.

Recently, Japan and ASEAN countries have agreed to implement the ASEAN-Japan Cold Chain Logistics Project. Please utilize Japan's innovative technology to benefit the daily life and consumption of people living in your country or region.

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