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Cosmotec Co., Ltd.

Cosmotec’s New Business Department Manager Takunori Shimoyama

Cosmotec’s New Business Department Manager Takunori Shimoyama

Cross-industry SME collaboration to satisfy the needs of major companies and develop new businesses

Cosmotec Co., Ltd. (Cosmotec), a J-GoodTech registered company, primarily produces functional film materials based on its core adhesive technologies. They also provide comprehensive solutions involving the use of these film materials (combinations of processing technologies, polymer technology, and so on).

In this case study, a major company successfully used J-GoodTech’s Needs function to advertise its need to develop equipment that would properly attach functional film to satisfy their demands. It ultimately managed to achieve two new partners, and they proceeded together through to equipment development.

We asked Cosmotec’s New Business Department Manager Takunori Shimoyama about this and other topics.

Comprehensive coordination of products development, manufacturing and sales process based on adhesive technology
First, what business is your company’s greatest area of strength?

Our strength is our ability to use our core adhesive technology to comprehensively coordinate everything from R&D to prototyping, development, production, and sales of high polymer applied products. For example, we produce self-repairing protective films for smartphones.

We use the J-GoodTech communication tools to actively move from business talks with potential partners to conclusion of partnerships
Product image

Product image

Please tell us about what led you to begin using J-GoodTech.

Cosmotec actively seeks cross-industry interaction and exchange in our pursuit of new uses for various types of functional film. For this project, too, we were interested in contacting companies in different industries and fields. We determined that J-GoodTech’s Needs function would be an effective tool for communicating our business needs across industries.

What was it like to actually use J-GoodTech?

We offer comprehensive service solutions in promoting sales of our functional films, which can require information services needed by end-users for equipment and the like, and corporate partnerships we coordinate. In this case, we needed to solicit companies that could collaborate with us on equipment development.

After advertising for a partner using the Needs function, we received proposals from seven companies in the equipment manufacturing, design, and development design fields. We received proposals from different industries and fields just as we had planned. This resulted in a positive outcome, as we felt we wanted to actively move ahead with corporate partnerships.

We participate in business conventions and exhibitions and use the J-GoodTech communication tools to promote interactions between different industries and expand our market
Cosmotec’s New Business Department Manager Takunori Shimoyama

Cosmotec’s New Business Department Manager Takunori Shimoyama

What are the differences between J-GoodTech and other services? In what specific respects is J-GoodTech superior?

We had used services provided by various private companies, but now we are actively utilizing business conventions and exhibitions in pursuit of exchange with other industries and fields. This is because our policy is not to force ourselves to do work we cannot do at our company. We collaborate with companies that can do the work and do business with them. This is why we used J-GoodTech’s Needs function to communicate our business needs and find a capable partner. This successfully led to expanding our markets through collaboration with companies we found there.

Moreover, this Needs function is used by member companies from various different fields. This enables broad-ranging inquiries that led to successful matching with companies in different fields and industries.

J-GoodTech is a simple tool for SMEs looking for business partners
What are some specific merits you found to actually using J-GoodTech?

As I explained, it is extremely difficult to find a company that will collaborate on cross-industry work, and there are costs involved in the search. With J-GoodTech, it is easy to find companies for partnerships without any such costs, making it a system that SMEs are grateful to have.

We use J-GoodTech to make new connections and exchange information with new potential partner from diverse industries generating so new business opportunities
We have been helped tremendously by our use of J-GoodTech to steadily proceed with business.

Additionally, I think that J-GoodTech’s Topics function of its new system is quite interesting, and we would like to use it. I think it will be extremely useful for information exchange and building relationships and connections when pursuing corporate partnerships, such as in our situation as I described it.

However, I think it will be even easier to use once the service is smartphone-compatible. Users will be able to check their messages on J-GoodTech whenever or wherever they need to. I look forward to this functionality being implemented soon.

Other Remarks (Editor’s Notes)

Cosmotec, the subject of this interview, is actively pursuing market growth and serves as an example of a company that achieved corporate partnerships by broadcasting its own needs on J-GoodTech.
There many Japanese SMEs that have high technological capabilities. In this interview, we strongly perceived the vast potential for such companies to develop business in new fields through corporate partnerships.

At the Organization for Small and Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation, we plan to continue to promote services that will lead to collaborations and partnerships such as those described here.

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