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Marine biodegradable bio-composite plastic material that will not become plastic waste in the ocean

i-Compology Corporation


Expected Effects and OutcomesBiofade falls specifically under SDG 14, “Life Below Water.” The enactment of a global agreement to address the marine plastic waste problem as an urgent global issue is planned for 2024. Its features are that there are no residual microplastics, and it is carbon-neutral because the raw materials are mainly derived from biomass. It has biodegradability in seawater and biodegrades in land, fresh water, and other environments.


Features of Products and ServicesThis is a plastic that contains a large amount of wood powder from thinned timber and other biomass powders and is compounded with seawater biodegradable polymers. Its biodegradation is a function of having no residual microplastics. According to the formulation, it can be adapted to various molding processes such as injection molding and blow molding, and it has the feature that its biodegradation rate in seawater can also be adjusted.

Business Record (Domestic)Drifting buoys for academic ocean current research (Pipes for oyster farming: under test)

Trading performance (Overseas)-

Awards & AchievementsJapan Science and Technology Agency (JST), “STI for SDGs Excellence Award” 2019
The Nippon Foundation, “CHANGE for the BLUE Excellence Award” 2021
Forbes Japan, BrandVoice, “Protect our oceans from plastic waste,” October 2021. Other articles are available.

Certifications obtainedRaw materials listed on the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare’s positive list are used.
Marine biodegradable ISO certification has not yet been established, but it is at a level where it can be obtained. Further discussions with merchandising companies are required.

Our Company's SDGs InitiativesThrough our business of developing, manufacturing, and selling biomass composite plastic materials, we are carrying out activities centered on a technological core of combining polymers with wood powder from Japanese thinned timber and other surplus biomass. In particular, we are working to achieve the global goals of (1) significantly reducing carbon dioxide emissions, (2) realizing a bio-economy society, and (3) reducing petroleum-based plastics, with the aim of achieving local production for local consumption in Japan.
Furthermore, we conducted joint development of marine biodegradable bio-composite plastic with Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Technology Research Institute to combat plastic waste in the ocean, and we are promoting its practical application as a material that helps improve the marine environment.

CapitalJPY 9,500,000

Number of employees2 employees



A one-stop solution handling thermal issues in pursuit of compactness, energy saving, and high performance


Niigata City, Niigata

Expected Effects and OutcomesWe contribute to a carbon-neutral society through high-performance heat sinks for cooling power semiconductors in EVs and other vehicles, and compact high-performance heat exchangers for hydrogen stations for cooling hydrogen. In addition, the use of CFC gas refrigerants, which have a high environmental load, can be reduced by downsizing heat exchangers, contributing to the expansion and formation of a carbon-neutral society through their adoption and sales expansion.

ProductThermal management components

Features of Products and ServicesWe manufacture heat sinks, heat exchangers, vapor chambers, and other thermal management components that are compact and high-performance, and can realize energy conservation.
We are able to provide integrated handling of thermal issues faced by our customers, from planning, technique examination, analysis and verification, prototype development, and evaluation to mass production.

Business Record (Domestic)Semiconductor manufacturing machines, medical care measuring equipment, commercial printing machines, information and communications equipment, food-related equipment, automotive-related equipment

Trading performance (Overseas)Undisclosed

Awards & AchievementsSelected for the 38th Niigata Prefecture Economic Promotion Award in 2021, selected for the 2020 Niigata Prefecture Governor’s Award Technology Prize

Certifications obtainedPED, UKCA certification (heat exchangers for hydrogen stations), ASME U-Stamp acquired (factory certification)

Our Company's SDGs InitiativesWe are working to reduce and recycle inputs and waste in production. We are also improving energy efficiency throughout our production factories and distribution network.

CapitalJPY 219,360,000

Number of employees92 employees



Instantaneous decomposition of atomic-level bonds in organic material (animal and plant residues and petroleum-derived compounds) by the action of active oxygen.

WEFInstitute of technology Inc.

Otsu, Shiga

Expected Effects and OutcomesOnly at the time of ignition, an ignition burner (kerosene) or ignition heater (10 kW) is used, but volume reduction can be achieved in the decomposition of organic material with only our unique active oxygen generating apparatus (160W). This achieves reduction of the fuel costs previously required for incineration and reduction of CO2 emissions related to fuel transportation.


Features of Products and Services・We install our uniquely developed active oxygen generating apparatus in organic material treatment devices for decomposition and volume reduction of organic materials.
・The system provides volume reduction of organic residues (raw garbage) and waste material (waste plastic, medical waste/disposable diapers, etc.) to 1/300 to 1/500 by thermal decomposition using active oxygen and sterilizes them. This can be a stepping stone to a more hygienic lifestyle.

Business Record (Domestic)In Japan: Major food manufacturers, major building materials manufacturers, etc.

Trading performance (Overseas)China:Leading sewage treatment companies, waste treatment-related companies
Singapore:Food-related facilities

Awards & Achievements・TV Tokyo, My Green Life
・JETRO Case Studies
・Sustainable Frontier
・Biwako Broadcasting Co., Ltd. “BBC Shiga Economy NOW”
・Silica extraction from rice husks(Biwa-Otsu Keizai Shimbun)
・Decomposition treatment of noncombustible compounds with active oxygen
・Zaikei Shimbun Digital
・The Kyoto Shinkin Bank Social and Sustainable Business Standard S Certification
・Letter of intent signed at the 13th Japan-China Energy Conservation and Environment Forum
・The Nippon Foundation UMIGOMI Zero AWARD (Ocean and Japan Project CHANGE FOR THE BLUE)

Certifications obtained-

Our Company's SDGs InitiativesOur company was established for the purpose of developing locally produced and locally consumed W (Water), E (Energy), and F (Food) technologies for a sustainable society.
We have succeeded in organic material volume reduction by using active oxygen generation technology and heat treatment to eliminate organic material. We aim to spread this technology not only in Japan but also overseas.
In waste recycling, active oxygen generation technology is used to decompose organic material and shorten the time to convert it into compost and fertilizer.
Our water treatment technology, which we have cultivated over many years, efficiently treats industrial wastewater with heavy metal treatment agents and active oxygen technology in water.

CapitalJPY 20,500,000

Number of employees4 employees


Renewable Energy,Hydrogen Society

New value added to waste cooking oil and waste liquid from factories

Oceanway Orange L.L.C

Ama city Aichi

Expected Effects and OutcomesBy collecting waste cooking oil from homes, restaurants, and food factories and producing SDF fuel, we can contribute to reducing waste disposal costs and CO2 emissions. In addition, the production of SDF fuel using palm mill waste liquid generated by palm mills can reduce methane gas generation and contribute to improving energy self-sufficiency.

ProductSDF fuel manufacturing apparatus

Features of Products and ServicesAny type of waste cooking oil can be used, and the cost of material procurement can be reduced because collection is easy. Glycerin is not generated because no chemical reaction accelerators are used, which lowers production costs. The work time for one process is as short as 5 to 10 minutes, and production efficiency is high. However, the initial cost of the machine is high because of its complex structure and use of expensive materials.

Business Record (Domestic)-

Trading performance (Overseas)Cambodia

Awards & Achievements・February 2019: Exhibited at the booth of the Kanto Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry at the 11th Kawasaki International Eco-Tech Fair
・February 2019: Presentation of a business concept for an environmental solution business contributing to sustainable economic growth at Chuo University Surugadai Centennial Hall hosted by Kanto Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry

Certifications obtainedExport license obtained

Our Company's SDGs InitiativesIntroducing an in-house power generation system using local liquid biomass fuel that is no longer needed will reduce CO2 emissions in factory operations and contribute to expanding the use of renewable energy. We will also contribute to local energy supply through the electric power selling business, aiming to realize sustainable local communities.

CapitalJPY 30,000

Number of employees1 employees


Disaster Prevention/Recovery Measures

Highly accurate water level gauges that help with disaster mitigation by accurately measuring water levels


Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

Expected Effects and OutcomesThe use of a quartz type water level gauge enables accurate monitoring of water level changes when a typhoon is passing and during heavy rainfall in terms of disaster prevention. This will help to provide more accurate evacuation information and can be useful in ensuring people’s safety. The wide measurement range also makes it possible to more accurately measure and manage water levels in dams and other locations.

ProductQuartz type water level gauge

Features of Products and Services・High-precision water level gauges (using a high-precision quartz oscillator)
Whereas measurement error of ±10 to 20 mm is generally possible when measuring, our product can measure with ±1 mm.
・Wide measurement range due to the use of a quartz oscillator
Whereas 10 to 30 m is generally possible, with our product, accurate measurement up to 70 m is possible.

Business Record (Domestic)Delivery of water level gauges to national and local government hydrometric stations

Trading performance (Overseas)Vietnam, South Korea, the Philippines, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Laos

Awards & AchievementsLetter of appreciation for bank erosion control along the Mekong River in Laos from the Infrastructure Development Institute – Japan
Letter of appreciation for the SODA mattress project from the Ministry of Communication, Transport, Post and Construction
14th National Land Technology Development Award, PWRI observation buoy (drop type)

Certifications obtained-

Our Company's SDGs InitiativesTo protect human lives from flood damage, we use quartz type water level gauges and other devices to observe and transmit more accurate water levels, leading to disaster prevention.
In addition, we are developing technology and know-how for flood control and disaster countermeasures not only for disaster protection in cities where people live but also to make use of them from the first step of community development, which will be the base for people to start their lives in the future.

CapitalJPY 100,000,000

Number of employees180 employees



CO2 from the air is adsorbed, solidified, and recycled into glass

Revcell, AC Biode

Sakyo-ku City, Kyoto

Expected Effects and OutcomesCO2 is adsorbed indoors by means of DAC (Direct Air Capture technology). We hope to conduct demonstration experiments to enable future commercialization of recycled glass into glass products used for lounges, souvenirs, etc. We want to objectively calculate how much CO2 emissions are reduced and how much it differs from conventional glass recycling, taking into account the CO2 emissions generated by transportation.

ProductReco Glass

Features of Products and ServicesThis is a collaboration between our company and Revcell Co., Ltd. CO2 is adsorbed by air cleaners, air conditioners, etc., solidified, and recycled into glass at glass factories, etc. To the best of our knowledge, this is likely to be the first process of its kind in the world, and a patent has been applied for. It was also exhibited at the G7 Hiroshima Summit. Our research suggests that we are the only company that is currently making glass with this technology. We are looking for sales channel cultivation and demonstration sites.

Business Record (Domestic)We have contracts with several companies in Japan.

Trading performance (Overseas)We have started a demonstration experiment with SPS, a major Swiss real estate company.

Awards & AchievementsUAE Dubai City Expo finalist, France VivaTech Audi contest finalist, Kyoto Smart Product certification, South Korea K-Startup selection, etc.

Certifications obtained-

Our Company's SDGs Initiatives-

CapitalJPY 100,000,000

Number of employees15 employees


Space, Robotics, EV, Fuel Cell Vehicles, Autonomous Driving

Safe and easy-to-use ultrasonic technology for imaging of defects inside products

GNES Corporation

Souraku-gun, Kyoto

Expected Effects and OutcomesBy promoting the use of nondestructive inspections in society, we will reduce waste generation, achieve energy saving, and contribute to achieving the SDGs goal of “Responsible Production and Consumption.” In addition to making people’s lives and movements safer, we will also support decarbonization and contribute to the realization of a sustainable society by addressing composite materials, etc.

ProductNon Destructive Inspection Equipment / Ultrasonic Testing Equipment

Features of Products and ServicesOur safe, low-cost ultrasonic technology provides detection and imaging of defects inside products on the order of millimeters to dozens of microns. We manufacture and develop fully customized inspection systems that can conduct automatic scanning of workpieces of various sizes and shapes. By supporting new materials such as composite materials, we contribute to weight reduction in aircraft, automobiles, etc., and encourage decarbonization.

Business Record (Domestic)We have an extensive track record of introducing our products at heavy industry manufacturers, automobile manufacturers, JR companies, material manufacturers, etc.

Trading performance (Overseas)(Countries: China, Malaysia, Vietnam, Germany, etc.) We have a track record of exporting more than dozens of units of hollow axle inspection equipment for Shinkansen bullet trains to China under ODA projects, and several other units.

Awards & AchievementsOur inspection equipment has been certified by aircraft engine manufacturers.

Certifications obtainedOur inspection equipment has been certified by aircraft engine manufacturers.

Our Company's SDGs InitiativesThrough nondestructive inspection, we help companies improve production efficiency and product and service safety, which reduces waste, saves energy, and makes people’s lives and transportation safer. This contributes to realizing a sustainable society.

CapitalJPY 10,000,000

Number of employees10 employees



Promotion of energy saving, resource saving, and autonomous operation by vibration loss prevention of rotating parts


Hirakata City, Osaka

Expected Effects and OutcomesBy attaching the Zero Shin automatic balancer, an additional energy saving rate of approximately 30% can be expected due to realizing vibration loss prevention in rotating parts. In addition, the life of consumable parts can be extended by more than 50%. This can contribute to achieving the Japanese government’s declared goal of carbon neutrality by 2050, and will also address electricity shortages caused by the shift to EVs.

ProductAutomatic balancer "Zero shin"

Features of Products and ServicesZero Shin is a balancer for rotating shafts and a patented product. The following effects can be expected by replacing a conventional fixed-balance rotating part, which deteriorates and gets worn down, with the Zero Shin automatic balancer.
(1) Eliminate core shake and improve machining accuracy.
(2) Positive effect of about 30% energy saving.
(3) Prevention of age-related deterioration, extension of service life, and suppression of machining vibrations.

Business Record (Domestic)Various machine tool rotating parts (tooling, grinding wheel flange, spindle, etc.)

Trading performance (Overseas)We have a track record in the semiconductor and automotive industries in China and South Korea.

Awards & AchievementsIn Japan: (1) Selected for the 39th Grand Prize for Invention’s Invention Merit Award, Public Interest Incorporated Foundation Japan Society for the Advancement of Inventions and the Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun; (2) selected for the Invention Encouragement Award, Kinki Regional Commendation for Invention 2014, Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation; (3) publication in the December 2020 issue of Press Technology published by the Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun; (4) article interview and publication, 2016 Fourin Global Automotive Technology Survey Monthly Report, September issue

Certifications obtained-

Our Company's SDGs InitiativesBy attaching our Zero Shin ZS-type automatic balancer to various rotating parts, vibration loss is prevented, the energy saving rate is improved by 20% to 30%, and the life of consumable parts is increased by 50% or more, thereby reducing CO2 emissions. This will contribute to achieving the Japanese government’s declared goal of carbon neutrality by 2050, and will also address electricity shortages caused by the shift to EVs.

CapitalJPY 5,000,000

Number of employees2 employees



Reducing GHG emissions by using recycled CFCs, and realizing visualization of CO2 emissions

M・Z Co.,Ltd.

KoshigayaCity, Saitama

Expected Effects and OutcomesThe raw material for recycled CFCs is the CFC gas sealed in air conditioners to be renewed or removed. The CFC gas can be recovered and regenerated and used again as an additional refrigerant filling in new air conditioners, thus achieving a circular economy for the first time. In addition, the reduction of energy consumption and CO2 emissions due to the CFC gas destruction process will lead to the prevention of global warming.

ProductZ Freon(Reclamation Fluorocarbon)

Features of Products and ServicesThe MZ Group offers an integrated service from CFC gas recovery to recycling treatment and sales of recycled CFCs.
Regeneration of CFC gas can reduce GHG emissions by about one-seventh compared to destruction and new production of CFC gas. In addition, the use of a dedicated app to manage CFCs makes it possible to visualize CO2 emissions.

Business Record (Domestic)We have a track record of recovery and sales involving major subcontractors and numerous trading firms.

Trading performance (Overseas)Vietnam:Legislation comes into effect from January 2024, and we are dedicated to publicizing it as a preparatory step, especially among foreign companies, including Japanese companies. Full-scale sales will begin in 2024.

Awards & AchievementsSelection for the 2nd Sainokuni SDGs Technology Award and Encouragement Award, and our efforts were featured in NNA (subsidiary MZ VINA CO., LTD.)

Certifications obtained-

Our Company's SDGs Initiatives・Promoting the recovery and recycling treatment of CFC gas and sales of recycled CFC gas to prevent global warming
・Promoting active participation by women, actively recruiting women, and thoroughly maintaining the working environment
・Promoting the active participation of foreign workers, ensuring that they are ultimately employed, and providing a comfortable working environment for them

CapitalJPY 20,000,000

Number of employees20 employees



① Improved combustion, power saving, deodorizing, freshness retention, and beauty and health effects due to room-temperature far-infrared rays
② Concrete life elongation and time-saving due to accelerated hydration reaction

IST Corporation

Chuo-ku, Tokyo

Expected Effects and Outcomes① Improves combustion efficiency by fractionalizing the molecules of gasoline or city gas, resulting in reduced consumption and a significant decrease in exhaust gas.
② Compared to a concrete surface layer using ordinary formwork (wooden or steel), the use of Proconsheet improves all of neutralization, abrasion resistance, water absorption reduction, salt permeability, air permeability, and freezing and thawing properties, significantly extending the life of concrete and reducing costs.


Features of Products and Services① Simply by attaching a foam sheet containing fine ceramics that emit far-infrared rays at room temperature, it is possible to achieve improved fuel combustion efficiency, thermal storage effects, electricity savings with air conditioning, deodorization, water quality improvement, freshness maintenance, and health and beauty effects by improving blood circulation.

② Simply by pasting Proconsheet to concrete formwork, it is possible to significantly improve the strength and durability of concrete, achieving reduced costs and life elongation of concrete (designs can also be applied to concrete).

Business Record (Domestic)① Convenience store delivery businesses, TV shopping businesses
② Major general contractors, formwork manufacturers, civil engineering contractors

Trading performance (Overseas)Malaysia:② Precast concrete factories (under negotiation)

Awards & Achievements① Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun, The Daily Engineering & Construction News, The Japan Food Journal, Josei Jishin, Anshin, WaWaWA,

② The Daily Engineering & Construction News, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Construction Technology Pavilion, Defense Facilities Society Award, Japan Society of Concrete Diagnosis and Maintenance Engineers News

Certifications obtained② Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism NETIS registered product

Our Company's SDGs InitiativesWe are continuously working on developing products that lead to energy savings, such as Enepura and i-PONT, and products that promote safety, labor savings, and life elongation in the construction and civil engineering fields, such as Tachiuma stepladders, premixed mortar, and Proconsheet permeable concrete formwork sheets.

CapitalJPY 10,000,000

Number of employees3 employees



Biomass materials that circulate in nature

Sanwa Limited

Osaka-city Osaka

Expected Effects and OutcomesTERAMAC is a new plant-derived biodegradable material, which is a naturally derived polymer made by chemical synthesis from plant resource materials.
With sales of packaging materials that do not use plastic materials, we contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and reducing plastic waste, which contributes to achieving the SDGs and carbon neutrality.


Features of Products and ServicesTERAMAC is a new plant-derived biodegradable material. The polylactic acid that forms the base of TERAMAC is a naturally derived polymer made by chemical synthesis from corn and other plant resources. Its raw materials do not include limited fossil resources such as petroleum. Ultimately, it is decomposed into carbon dioxide and water in the natural environment, and this carbon dioxide is reused again as a carbon source for plant photosynthesis. In other words, it is a material that forms a material cycle.

Business Record (Domestic)-

Trading performance (Overseas)Mexico: Track record of orders received in 2023: 17 million yen

Awards & Achievements-

Certifications obtained-

Our Company's SDGs InitiativesWe are working to reduce CO2 emissions by selling packaging materials made from decarbonized materials such as biomass plastic and paper.
This contributes to achieving SDG goals, including “Affordable and Clean Energy,” “Responsible Consumption and Production,” and “Climate Action.”

CapitalJPY 30,000,000

Number of employees10 employees


Food Loss, Foodtech ,Smart Agriculture

A third type of cold storage that is neither refrigerated nor frozen and the latest instantaneous freezing technology



Expected Effects and OutcomesVoltage-application refrigerators (Hyokan) can preserve freshness approximately three times* longer than ordinary refrigerators. At production sites, by storing agricultural products harvested in season in a Hyokan, it becomes possible to coordinate shipments. The freshness of foods and of foods after processing and cooking can be preserved for food processing and restaurants, making it possible to extend the sales period and reduce food loss. *Varies according to food items, harvest conditions, etc.

ProductCommercial Hyokan Fridges、HyokanWalk-in Coolers、DIPS

Features of Products and ServicesVoltage-application refrigerators (Hyokan) are special refrigerators that apply high voltage directly to foods and store them in a temperature zone near or below the freezing point to enable freshness retention. The conditions are set according to the foods. Product freshness can be preserved for a long period of time, and aging fish, meat, and some fruits and vegetables further enhances their flavor and sweetness. This is already being used in the production, processing, sales, and preparation of fresh products.

Business Record (Domestic)We have a track record of more than 250 installations for producers, wholesaling, the food processing industry, restaurants, etc.

Trading performance (Overseas)Taiwan:We established a joint venture in Taiwan in 2020, and set up prototype commercial voltage-powered refrigerators and prefabs for experiments in Taiwan and China.

Awards & Achievements(1) Selection for the Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry Young Entrepreneurs Group 12th Business Plan Contest Grand Prix: “Profit-generating high-performance refrigerator ‘Hyokan’ Hyokan 6th logistics system”
(2) 2023: “Creation of a low-temperature logistics model for room-temperature trucks using the IoT and DIPS (instantaneous freezing)” certified as an Aichi Prefecture Innovative Business

Certifications obtained-

Our Company's SDGs InitiativesIn addition to manufacturing and selling our own voltage-application refrigerators (Hyokan), we are working to optimize the low-temperature logistics of food products from producers to consumers. Our aim is to reduce food loss by ensuring that food products remain fresh in all situations related to food. Our company is currently promoting the creation of a low-temperature logistics model for room-temperature trucks using the IoT and DIPS (instantaneous freezing). This project has been certified as an Aichi Prefecture Innovative Business.

CapitalJPY 8,000,000

Number of employees7 employees


Renewable Energy,Hydrogen Society

Complete plant package with best suitable combustion, super-efficient HEX, ORC and O&M


Minato-ku, Tokyo

Expected Effects and OutcomesThe proper maintenance work on forests mainly consists in reducing old tree down and planting young one. However, the labor shortage in the country hampers the maintenance work, which inevitably leaves much of the cut-down tree to rot right there. These wasted trees should in fact be processed into biomass fuel.Unlike the gasification plant which requires very expensive dry fuel, our plant is designed to utilize low-quality fuel for combustion and drying at the same time thus making customer’s plant business, whether heat-recovery or power generation,feasible.


Features of Products and ServicesOver 50year experience in biomass plant engineering acquired in Europe helps us cater to your individual needs for heat recovery and power generation from waste materials. Our JV with Kikkawa, a local construction company, is happy to offer you a competetive complete package including assembly, construction, and O&M. Our ECONOTHERM, super-efficient heat-transfer rod, and ORC of non-high-pressure equipment will guarantee you a business feasibility for sure.

Business Record (Domestic)A 2MW biomass ORC power generation plant is in the middle of construction in Fukuoka all quipments of which are designed and engineered by us.

Trading performance (Overseas)Romania: Our boiler and dryer to the world-famous furniture store / 5ton steam-producing boiler to a Japanese company's Spain factory

Awards & AchievementsNot applicable, we remain low-profile

Certifications obtainedOur products are applicable to JIS, ASME, and CE

Our Company's SDGs InitiativesInstallation history of over 500 biomass boilers in Europe and Latin America. Woodchip, chicken manure, and Bamboo can be fuel for our boilers thus contributing to heat recovery and power generation from waste materials.

CapitalJPY 46,950,000

Number of employees5 employees



We contribute to achieving the SDGs through electromagnetic field technology

Ele Mag Lab.Co.,Ltd

Meguro-ku Tokyo

Expected Effects and OutcomesWe believe that food shortages will be a particularly important issue.
Therefore, electromagnetic field technology, for which much evidence has been obtained, can be used to construct a cold chain from production to sales of agricultural products, thus preserving their quality. Furthermore, the ability to simultaneously reduce CO2 emissions during transportation could make a significant contribution.


Features of Products and ServicesWith technology that can form a strong electromagnetic field by combining high voltage and low current with conventional freezing and refrigeration technology, and by making use of relay systems and electromagnetic field stabilization containers that can be used in a wide range of applications, we have succeeded in developing a world-first comprehensive technology.
Improved seed germination, shortened growth period, increased harvest, inhibited fungal growth, improved water absorption, improved food taste, prevention of scaling, improved water retention, long-term storage, prevention of oxidation, water purification, effects on digestion and absorption, better-quality feed, reduced fish diseases, reduced aquaculture mortality rates, reduced coal burning time, reduced gasoline burning time, reduced cell destruction after electric field freezing, reduced ethyl alcohol burning time, suppression of degeneration during freezing, increased steam boiler thermal efficiency, etc.

Business Record (Domestic)This was introduced to JR Freight as a subsidized project.

Trading performance (Overseas)Hainan Province, China; Haiphong Province, Vietnam

Awards & AchievementsIn Japan: TV Tokyo, broadcast on WBS; magazine articles in Nikkei Business, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (ports), Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (aff), etc.Overseas: Program broadcast on Vietnam Television.

Certifications obtainedPatents acquired

Our Company's SDGs InitiativesOur company is committed to ending hunger through the use of long-term preservation systems to combat food loss, and we contribute to the promotion of sustainable agriculture while maintaining food security and achieving improved nutritional status.
We contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions by improving the combustion efficiency of transportation vehicles (diesel fuel), business vehicles (gasoline), and transportation ships (heavy oil, etc.).
We contribute to the production of strong agricultural produce and other plants that grow quickly and retain more nutrients through the use of our water quality improvement system.

CapitalJPY 45,000,000

Number of employees5 employees


Food Loss, Foodtech ,Smart Agriculture

Sustainable food for anti-aging, beauty, and feminine care

Nippon Barrier Free Co., Ltd.

Chiyoda-ku ,Tokyo

Expected Effects and OutcomesThe use of ovarian membranes, an unused resource discarded in the production of salmon roe, reduces CO2 and contributes to the SDGs and carbon neutrality.
Our company creates new sources of nutrition, and we donate a portion of our profits to activities that protect the environment and provide equal educational opportunities. This contributes to achieving the goals of the SDGs.

ProductMarine Placenta®

Features of Products and ServicesCharacteristics
Abundant nutrients (amino acids, collagen (Type I), chondroitin sulfate, hyaluronic acid, etc.) and abundant peptides (low molecular weight, oligopeptides)

Appeal points
Improves skin and physical condition (IGF-1 improvement, blood flow improvement, hair growth improvement, wrinkle improvement, fibroblast activation, Type I collagen production promotion), feminine care (improvement of female hormones, improvement of follicle stimulating hormone, improvement of irregular menstruation, improvement of menstrual pain, improvement of PMS), anti-stress (cortisol reduction, antioxidant, fatigue improvement, sleep improvement)

Business Record (Domestic)Major food manufacturers, major cosmetics manufacturers, major pharmaceutical manufacturers, etc.

Trading performance (Overseas)China, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, USA, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Norway, Mongolia, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines, Russia, UAE
*Except for China, indirect transactions

Awards & AchievementsTokyo Metropolitan Small and Medium Enterprise Support Center: Certified as a company being supported for developing overseas sales channels

Certifications obtainedHalal certification acquired
Thailand Food and Drug Administration registration

Our Company's SDGs InitiativesWe aim to contribute to achieving the SDGs by developing, manufacturing, and selling food raw materials and cosmetics raw materials from unused salmon resources. We also donate a portion of the proceeds to the Specified Nonprofit Corporation Salmon Science Museum and the Public Interest Incorporated Foundation Fishing Boat Accident Orphans Scholarship Foundation.

CapitalJPY 50,000,000

Number of employees4 employees


Renewable Energy,Hydrogen Society

Vacuum pumps and compressors for fuel cells, water decomposition equipment, biomass power generation, and DAC

KNF japan Co.Ltd.

Chuo-ku ,Tokyo

Expected Effects and OutcomesBy transferring new energy fuels such as hydrogen, methane, CO2, and ammonia, it becomes possible to commercialize devices for carbon-neutral measures. This will also promote the use in society of new energy fuels that have a smaller environmental burden, which can contribute to achieving the targets of the SDGs by reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

ProductTransfer pump for Hydrogen, Metane, CO2

Features of Products and ServicesOur pumps can transfer new energy fuels such as hydrogen, methane, CO2, and ammonia. Gas or gas containing moisture is transferred and compressed to create a vacuum state or pressurized state without foreign matter mixing with the medium. Various options are available to satisfy the requirements for each application, including size, motor type, control, voltage, chemical resistance, safety, vibration, noise, and temperature resistance. All pump types feature oil-free operation.

Business Record (Domestic)PEFC, SOFC fuel cells (hydrogen transfer) methane gas generators (generators of biogas from sludge), ammonia fuel generators, water decomposition hydrogen production equipment

Trading performance (Overseas)Germany: Same as above

Awards & Achievements-

Certifications obtainedCE Mark, ISO 9001 2015

Our Company's SDGs InitiativesWe have been a world leader in the field of gas and liquid transfer technology. Our vacuum pumps and compressors are capable of transferring new energy fuels such as hydrogen, methane, CO2, and ammonia. For companies that contribute to achieving the SDGs and carbon neutrality by making use of new energy fuels, we provide support in terms of transfer technology.

CapitalJPY 40,000,000

Number of employees10 employees



20% energy savings on air conditioning and refrigerator-freezers

iforcom smart ecology

Sagamihara-shi ,Kanagawa

Expected Effects and OutcomesIn places such as Southeast Asia, where temperatures are high year-round, air conditioning and refrigerator-freezer operation rates are very high. Therefore, the energy-saving effect due to cyclic control is also high, and our system is appropriate for achieving Goal 7 of the SDGs. Our system not only contributes to decarbonization effects through energy saving, but can also visualize the electricity consumption and reduction of outdoor units, which can be used as material for considering the operational methods of air conditioning and refrigerator-freezers.

ProductCyclic Control

Features of Products and ServicesOur cyclic control system controls the compressors of air conditioner and refrigerator-freezer outdoor units to achieve a 20% energy-saving effect. This system uses a control method that reduces the burden on the compressor and provides a control program that suppresses room temperature changes due to control. There is no maintenance required after installation, and the person in charge doesn’t need to do anything.

Business Record (Domestic)General hospitals in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area

Trading performance (Overseas)Malaysia IRDA (Government Agency)

Awards & AchievementsMedia Coverage: ENECHANGE (ENECHANGE Biz)
Pachinko/pachislot gaming magazine “Monthly GreenBelt October 2023 (issued on 9/20)” and “WEB GreenBelt”

Certifications obtained-

Our Company's SDGs InitiativesWe will contribute to achieving a smart and sustainable society through the IoT and AI!
Providing consulting and know-how on various energy-saving measures, including energy visualization systems
Providing automatic control systems for air conditioning
We provide one-stop support for all kinds of proposals related to energy saving!

CapitalJPY 10,000,000

Number of employees-


Disaster Prevention/Recovery Measures

Patented structural design enabling effective use of land, improved earthquake resistance, and reduced material costs

TYING Co., Ltd


Expected Effects and OutcomesSDGs Goal 12: Responsible Consumption and Production
From a disaster prevention perspective, the number of reinforced concrete buildings is expected to increase in the future. In this context, we aim to reduce the burden on the environment by reducing materials through our structural design, and fulfill our responsibilities in construction.

SDGs Goal 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth
VOID’S structural design provides economic benefits to construction contractors, which leads to improvement in the profits of structural engineering firms.

ProductVOID'S VOID'S is a structural supply service for RC construction

Features of Products and ServicesIn Japan, reinforced concrete structures are limited to five stories, but our VOID’S structure of unique special wall construction can achieve six to ten stories. This allows for a lower story height than in a conventional rigid-frame structure, making it possible to maximize the volume of land where height is restricted due to road diagonals and other restrictions. This allows us to provide buildings with superior earthquake resistance and reduced concrete use.

Business Record (Domestic)2023: Residence in Nanashima-cho, Kanagawa Ward, Yokohama City; residence in Komate 6-chome, Higashisumiyoshi Ward, Osaka City; residence in Higashinakanobu 1-chome, Shinagawa Ward; Akabane 2-chome, Kita Ward; Asakusa 3-chome, Taito Ward; residence in Honkomagome 5-chome, Bunkyo Ward; newly built residence in Senzoku 2-chome, Taito Ward; Minamimagome 1-chome, Ota Ward. 2024 (including planned construction): Residence in Misaki 2-chome, Minato Ward, Osaka City; residence in Minamimagome 1-chome, Ota Ward; residence in Nishikamata 8-chome, Ota Ward; residence in Chihara-cho, Nakamura Ward, Nagoya City; residence in Keihanhondori, Moriguchi City; Higashikanda 2-chome, Chiyoda Ward; residence in Kyutaro, Chuo Ward, Osaka City; Ebie, Fukushima Ward, Osaka City; residence in Toshima 3-chome, Kita Ward; residence in Kotobashi 1-chome, Taito Ward; building in Senjutatsutacho, Adachi Ward

Trading performance (Overseas)We are considering overseas expansion to Asian countries where tectonic plates that cause earthquakes are contiguous with Japan. Contributing to disaster prevention such as wind and flood damage, and earthquakes

Awards & Achievements“Management Innovation Plan” approval, Management Support Section, Commerce and Industry Division, Bureau of Industrial and Labor Affairs, Article 14, Paragraph 1 of the Act for Facilitating New Business Activities of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

Certifications obtainedWe have established a license agreement with Tanaka Construction Design Co., Ltd. with patent identification number 515210868, which is an exclusive right to a patent. International patent applications are pending for our company’s technology for detached low-rise apartments: PCT/Jp2023/030200, PCT/Jp2023/030201

Our Company's SDGs InitiativesWe have been selected by the Public Interest Incorporated Foundation Tokyo Metropolitan Small and Medium Enterprise Support Center as a target company for hands-on support for the SME SDGs management support promotion project, and our advisors and our management team have been closely examining the details of our initiatives. We work in the construction industry to create a society where people in the community can live with peace of mind by improving the living environment, urban development, infrastructure improvement, energy saving and environmental protection, etc. In addition, we are advancing work on an online system that we will develop in the future to enable time and attendance management in preparation for the reform of work styles in the construction industry, which will be regulated by law from 2024. We are also introducing a complete five-day workweek system in the construction industry, and are working to ensure the safety of the working environment at construction sites.

CapitalJPY 20,000,000

Number of employees10 employees


Space, Robotics, EV, Fuel Cell Vehicles, Autonomous Driving

Problem-solving ability the world can trust: Leave it to us for microfluidic control!

Takasago Electric, Inc.

Nagoya, Aichi

Expected Effects and OutcomesFluidic control solutions are used as parts for medical analysis equipment and environmental analysis equipment. They support the fields of clinical testing and environmental protection and contribute to achieving the SDGs.

ProductFluidic Contorol Solution

Features of Products and ServicesOur company mainly develops and manufactures fluidic control parts such as valves, pumps, and manifolds, and we provide fluidic control solutions to customers in a wide range of fields. With their compact and lightweight design, our products enable precise control of minute flow rates. With their high corrosion resistance, they have a track record of being used in medical analysis equipment and environmental analysis equipment, and also in space testing applications.

Business Record (Domestic)Our products are used for analysis and experimental equipment parts by customers including Horiba, Ltd., Shimadzu Corporation, and JAXA.

Trading performance (Overseas)Our products have a track record of adoption by distinguished universities and research institutes in the US and Europe, such as Agilent, MIT, NASA, etc.

Awards & AchievementsCompanies Driving Regional Growth (2020), Global Niche Top Companies (2020), etc.

Certifications obtained-

Our Company's SDGs InitiativesWe supply parts for in-vitro diagnostic equipment and water quality analysis equipment. In-vitro diagnostic equipment is used for purposes such as disease diagnosis and health condition monitoring, which contribute to health and welfare, and water quality analysis equipment contributes to the supply of safe water.

CapitalJPY 90,000,000

Number of employees266 employees



Paper and corn-derived paper plastic

Camino Co.,Ltd.

Minato-ku, Tokyo

Expected Effects and OutcomesPAPLUS is produced as a product that is intended to be collected. Once PAPLUS products have served their purpose, they will be remanufactured.This is how it can contribute to inhibiting environmental pollution through reducing plastic waste.


Features of Products and ServicesPAPLUS is a sustainable material made from paper and corn-derived biodegradable resin, which decomposes into water and carbon dioxide in compost or soil. (It can also be disposed of as burnable waste, and can be recycled.) A plastic-free material that is gentle for the Earth has been realized with paper and plants. PAPLUS items create a unique texture of natural materials like ceramic and wood products.

Business Record (Domestic)Fuji Kyuko group, Goldwin Inc., Sazaby League, Ltd., Sacai Inc, Heralbony Co., Ltd., Sakebunka Institute, Inc., Diamond Head Co., Ltd., Hiroshima Mazda, Kabukiza-Service Co., Ltd., Nippon Television Service Inc., Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd., TOPPAN Inc., NP Trading Co., Ltd.

Trading performance (Overseas)Monaco, France, Italy, UK, USA, etc.

Awards & AchievementsAwards
Selected for the Social Products Award at the Social Products Awards 2023 / FRaU ETHICAL AWARD (2022)
Media Coverage
2022-05-24 Nippon Television Network Corporation affiliates “Dr. Jealousy” / 2022-04-30 NHK “NHK News Good Morning Japan” etc.

Certifications obtainedSafety confirmed by Japan Food Research Laboratories based on the Food Sanitation Act.

Our Company's SDGs Initiatives・We reduce plastic waste with our environmentally friendly material PAPLUS, made from paper and corn-derived biodegradable resin, and bioplastics with strength equivalent to polycarbonate while using approximately 60% plant-derived components. ・"FANO," which is a fan designed using recycled paper from origami paper cranes donated to Hiroshima, provides a unique and meaningful novelty for concerts, events, and campaigns for companies and organizations interested in contributing to peace and society.

CapitalJPY 13,000,000

Number of employees4 employees



Energy-saving spray glass coating

Fumin Co., Ltd.

Fukushima-shi, Fukushima

Expected Effects and OutcomesIn summer, the coating absorbs and cuts infrared rays (solar heat) from outside, and in winter, it keeps the room warm and suppresses condensation because it prevents indoor heat from escaping. This reduces air-conditioning power consumption and CO2 emissions.

ProductFumin coating

Features of Products and ServicesThis is a patented technology for using a spray gun to form a transparent coating film of conductive metal oxide that absorbs and cuts infrared and ultraviolet rays on glass surfaces.
(1) With coating on glass, ultraviolet rays are cut by about 90% and infrared rays by about 70%.
(2) In summer, the coating absorbs and cuts infrared rays (solar heat) from outside, and in winter, it prevents indoor heat from escaping, keeping the room warm and suppressing condensation.
(3) The coating is relatively easy to install, and it can be applied to both indoor and outdoor areas, such as wire mesh glass to which films cannot be applied.

Business Record (Domestic)The National Art Center, Tokyo, Okinawa Marriott Resort, Hachinohe Portal Museum “Machiniwa” glass-walled park without air conditioning

Trading performance (Overseas)Singapore, Qatar, India, Australia, Spain, Thailand, the Philippines

Awards & AchievementsSelected for the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency Commissioner’s Award (product and business model category)/Selected for the FY2022 Minister of the Environment’s Award for Climate Change Action, Development and Commercialization Category, Climate Change Action Grand Prize in the field of mitigation

Certifications obtained-

Our Company's SDGs InitiativesWe are working to develop technologies that are friendly to people and nature through our efforts such as promoting environmentally friendly agriculture and developing our Fumin coating energy-saving coating technology aiming to improve air-conditioning efficiency, comfort, and fuel efficiency.

CapitalJPY 10,000,000

Number of employees4 employees



LIMEX as a new material with limestone, etc., as the main raw material, which replaces plastic and paper

TBM Co., Ltd.

Chiyodaku, Tokyo

Expected Effects and OutcomesBy switching existing products to LIMEX materials, it is possible to reduce plastic usage and greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, LIMEX sheets are produced in a factory that runs on 100% renewable energy, which minimizes CO2 emissions in the manufacturing process. It is also recyclable and contributes to resource circulation.


Features of Products and ServicesLimestone, the main raw material of LIMEX, is abundant throughout the world, so its price is stable. This makes it a material that readily achieves local production for local consumption. Processing and printing can be done on existing molding machines and printing machines, so it is possible to produce various products such as plastic bags, household goods, packages, construction materials, etc., with low initial costs. Currently, it has been adopted at more than 10,000 business sites and local governments, mainly in Japan, and has been introduced at international conferences such as the COP, G7, and G20.

Business Record (Domestic)Companies, printing companies, trading firms, manufacturers in general, and local governments that are promoting efforts to contribute to the SDGs

Trading performance (Overseas)Expanding business mainly in the area of Asia, and also in Europe and North America

Awards & AchievementsAwards: Selected for the 2022 Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Intellectual Property Achievement Award, the Good Design Award, the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award at the 1st Japan Open Innovation Prize, the 7th Japan-US Innovation Awards Innovation Showcase, the Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards New Gold Award in the Product/Product Management and Company/Organization categories, and the Plug and Play 2016 Most Socially Impactful Companies in the World – Social Impact Award
Accreditations: Achieved “B” accreditation in the CDP’s examination related to the “Climate Change” and “Water Security” categories, registered with the international organization UNIDO’s Sustainable Technology Promotion Platform (STePP), acquired Science-Based Targets (SBT) accreditation, signed The Climate Pledge, founded by Amazon.
Media coverage: Bloomberg, Times, CNN, NHK World, Nippon Television Network Corporation programs, TV Tokyo programs, The Nikkei, Business Insider, Newspicks, The Chemical Daily, etc.

Certifications obtained-

Our Company's SDGs InitiativesTBM develops and markets LIMEX, a new material with inorganic substances such as limestone as the main raw material. Compared to plastics, LIMEX can reduce greenhouse gas emissions including petroleum-derived plastics and CO2, and it can reduce the consumption of water and forest resources compared to paper.This business itself can contribute to the SDGs, but to promote sustainability initiatives, we have established a Sustainability Committee chaired by our CEO & Representative Director, and have built a system to integrate sustainability into both management decision-making and business execution.

CapitalJPY 23,629,930,000

Number of employees353 employees



100% Natural Biodegradable Plastic, Next Generation Type Rechargeable Battery

Green Science Alliance Co., Ltd.

Kawanishi City, Hyogo

Expected Effects and OutcomesThe development and use of biodegradable plastic, coating agents, coating materials, adhesives, plasticizers, and other plant-derived chemical product groups that do not use petroleum raw materials can contribute to reducing plastic pollution and CO2 emission quantities. Next generation type rechargeable batteries will also promote the spread of renewable energy and contribute to achieving SDGs, including reducing CO2 emission quantities.

ProductBiodegradable plastic, Next Generation Type Rechargeable Battery

Features of Products and ServicesA group of chemical products such as 100% natural biodegradable plastic, coating agents, coating materials, adhesives, and plasticizers made from natural biomass resources such as plants, trees, paper, waste wood, and seaweed without using petroleum. Lithium-sulfur batteries, lithium-ion batteries made from recycled resources, etc.

Business Record (Domestic)Plastic molding companies in Japan and abroad, chemical companies, foreign-affiliated cosmetics manufacturers, battery manufacturing companies in Japan and abroad, etc.

Trading performance (Overseas)The USA, China, South Korea, India, France, Germany, Canada, the UK, Australia, Switzerland, and other countries around the world

Awards & AchievementsAwards and Certifications:(2020) Selection from the UN start-up support program UNOPS GIC Kobe / Selected for the Best H!NT Award at the New Value Creation Exhibition 2015 in Kansai
Media Coverage:2022-2-13 NHK WORLD “Direct Talk” / 2021-7-20 TV Tokyo "Morning Satellite" / 2021-10-5 F.M. Fuji / 2021-4-11 J-WAVE “Make My Day”

Certifications obtainedBiomass Mark (Japan Organics Recycling Association), Green Plastic, Biomass Plastic (Japan BioPlastics Association), Biodegradability Certification (TÜV AUSTRIA), we conduct overseas exports every day

Our Company's SDGs Initiatives• CO2 reduction, development of cutting-edge materials such as naturally occurring biodegradable resins that do not use petroleum or coal, which may solve plastic pollution problems such as marine microplastic pollution
• Cutting-edge development of next-generation rechargeable batteries, solar cells, and fuel cells for the world’s energy problems
• Fuel and chemical creation from non-edible plants without using any petroleum or coal (eliminated due to replacement)
• Quantum dot, metal-organic framework, ionic liquid, and other cutting-edge material applications for performance improvement of the energy efficiency and performance of various existing device products
• R&D of artificial photosynthesis that produces fuels and substances using CO2, a cause of greenhouse gases, as a raw material

CapitalJPY 30,000,000

Number of employees105 employees



Safeguard against winter hazards: A next-generation snow-melting system that prevents snow from accumulating

ELCOM Co., Ltd.

Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido

Expected Effects and OutcomesBecause far-infrared rays act directly on snow, unlike road heating, there is no energy consumption for heating the ground, which makes it more efficient. It also has a smaller environmental load than combustion-heating snow melting, and can decarbonize snow melting by using renewable electricity. Furthermore, this next-generation snow-melting system is more environmentally friendly than snow-melting agents or groundwater spraying, where there are concerns about impacts on the environment.

ProductSnowClear Overhead Melter

Features of Products and ServicesSnowClear Overhead Melter (trademark in Japan is TOKERUMO) is a snow-melting system that employs a far-infrared ray method. With a system that melts snow with far-infrared rays irradiated from above like sunlight, it is automatically operated 24 hours a day by using snowfall sensors, turning on at the same time as snowfall to prevent snow from accumulating. Each unit can melt snow over an area of approximately 10 square meters, which makes it ideal for spot-melting snow at sites such as entrances and exits around buildings, outdoor stairs, and barrier-free passageways.

Business Record (Domestic)MaxValu, TRIAL supermarket, Secoma Company, Ltd., Co-op Sapporo, Sukiya Co., Ltd., Sundrug Co., Ltd., Netz Toyota, Hoshino Resorts Inc., Meiji Co., Ltd., Asahi Breweries, Ltd., Megmilk Snow Brand Co., Ltd., Suntory Holdings Limited, Bridgestone Corporation, YKK Corporation, Toyota Motor Corporation, Nippon Paper Industries Co., Ltd., Tokyo Steel Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Alps Pharmaceutical Ind. Co., Ltd., Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings, Incorporated, Hokuriku Electric Power Company, Nippon Telegraph and Telephone East Corporation, East Japan Railway Company/West Japan Railway Company/Hokkaido Japan Railway Company, Shinano Railway, NEXCO Central/NEXCO East, Obayashi Corporation, JAXA, Japan Self-Defense Forces, etc.

Trading performance (Overseas)Canada

Awards & AchievementsArticles in the Nikkei, Hokkaido Shimbun, Hokkaido Kensetsu Shimbun, etc.

Certifications obtainedUL (USA) and CSA (Canada) certification procedures are in process

Our Company's SDGs InitiativesSince its establishment in 1991, ELCOM has been engaged in Monozukuri craftsmanship of industrial and environmental equipment with a primary focus on what we can do for the future of the Earth, through developing technology and manufacturing products that contribute to a better global environment and a better way of life.Our company name “ELCOM” is derived from “Earth & Life Communication.”We regard the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030 (SDGs) adopted by the United Nations in 2015 as important, clear goals for the international community.From among the 17 development goals of the SDGs, we are developing technologies that are committed to achieving the following five goals as key issues to be particularly prioritized.
• Goal 7: Our company strives to improve products and technology to recycle safe and clean energy from used plastics, and aims to contribute to the sustainable and economical diffusion of new energy sources.
• Goal 11: Our company strives to improve products and technologies that enable optimal treatment and transportation of waste generated by business, and works to develop technologies that minimize environmental loads. We also contribute to developing snow-melting technologies that will help improve the winter working environment in snowy areas, and contribute to creating safe and livable communities.
• Goal 12: Our company strives to establish a sustainable resource cycle for plastic containers and packaging, and aims to reduce product loss on the manufacturing side and contribute to the promotion of recycling on the usage side.
• Goal 13: Our company develops products that reduce the generation of greenhouse gases, which cause climate change, and promote power saving and energy saving, and we strive to develop technologies to prepare for disasters caused by climate change.
• Goal 14: Our company strives to improve effective technologies to stop the discharge of waste plastics into the ocean, which causes marine pollution, and makes every effort to preserve marine ecosystems.

CapitalJPY 29,000,000

Number of employees15 employees



Environmentally friendly, realizes energy saving

Nihon Netsugen Systems Co., Ltd.

Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

Expected Effects and Outcomes• Energy savings of 20 to 40% are possible compared to conventional R22 CFC refrigeration units.
• CO2 has a low global warming potential of 1 and has no negative impact on the global environment (the CFC gas R404A has a global warming potential of 3920).
• Refrigeration units with CO2 refrigerant make effective use of CO2 emitted from petrochemical plants and other sources.

ProductSuper Green CO2 Refrigeration Unit

Features of Products and ServicesSuper Green is a refrigeration unit that uses CO2, a natural refrigerant, instead of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), which have an impact on global warming and ozone layer depletion. Efficient operation is possible with the high-performance compressor and control system, and Super Green has a track record of energy savings of 20 to 40% compared to conventional R22 CFC refrigeration units. In addition, it is air-cooled so it requires zero water use, which eliminates water bills, and it is also a powerful tool for business continuity planning (BCP) in the event of a disaster. It is suitable for a wide range of applications, including freezing/refrigerating warehouses, distribution centers, food factories, pharmaceutical companies, and chemical companies.

Business Record (Domestic)Ajinomoto Frozen Foods Co., Inc., Kokubu Group Corp., Asahi Breweries, Ltd., Yotsuba Milk Products Co., Ltd., Chugai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Kaneka Corporation

Trading performance (Overseas)We have a track record of delivery to Malaysia and the Philippines.

Awards & Achievements【Award Selection Track Record】
The 9th Monozukuri (Manufacturing) Nippon Grand Award, FY2019 Energy Conservation Grand Prize Small and Medium Enterprise Agency Commissioner’s Award, Ozone Layer Protection and Global Warming Prevention Grand Award (22nd Excellence Prize, 2019), 24th Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry’s Prize (2021)

【Media Coverage】
2023-09-01 Published in Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun’s “Management in Upheaval”
2023-08-04 Published in a Web article on the official NHK website
2023-07-25 Broadcast on NHK News “Good Morning Japan”
2023-07-07 Published in “SMEs Leading the Way to Decarbonization” edited by JFC Research Institute
2023-05-20 Broadcast on Biwako Broadcasting Co., Ltd.’s “Shiga Economy NOW”
2023-05-20 Published in “Accelerate Japan 2023 Special Issue”

Certifications obtained-

Our Company's SDGs Initiatives• To address the problems of ozone depletion and global warming caused by CFC gas as a refrigerant filled in refrigeration units, we will work to promote natural-refrigerant refrigeration units. We will also work to provide clean and sustainable energy through solar water heaters that use sunlight to produce hot water.
• The Development Center at our Shiga Factory conducts research to improve the energy-saving performance of refrigeration units and develop systems for effectively using heat.We also responsibly conduct safe disposal of discarded CFC gas.
• We are creating a fair and equitable organization that does not discriminate on the basis of gender, nationality, or age, and aim to develop as a company where employees help each other. We are contributing to social development in cooperation with local communities, public institutions, and like-minded companies.

CapitalJPY 45,000,000

Number of employees120 employees


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