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Latest update: 03/03/2020 11:09:31

Tokai Denka Kogyosho Co., Ltd.

We perform integrated production of steel products in our company

We are a manufacturer that engages in the development and production of steel products. At present, our main products are television stands for business purposes and conveying pallets used in vehicle parts factories. In addition to these products, we produce a variety of steel products including speaker stands, beds, serving tables, and bedside tables. Our strength lies in the integrated production of products which is composed of processing pipes or sheet metal, welding, coating, assembly, and packaging.

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Sales Pitch

Please look to us for the ability to make proposals and for convenience as if we were your company's production department.
Proposing the optimum methods for embodying ideas 
We think that our role is not only limited to producing products according to provided drawings. Although we are small in size, we are a proposal-based company. By using the experience and knowhow that we have nurtured for a long period while specializing in the production of steel products, we give advice from a multidimensional perspective. The advice ranges from mass productivity, beautiful appearances, and the usability of movable portions to sometimes even design. With this attitude, we have so far embodied ideas and plans of clients, while improving the quality and reducing the cost of a variety of products. We have gained deep trust from clients who describe us as a partner for releasing the products bearing the clients' names to the market. Please feel free to contact us if you have any concern.
After receiving a purchase order, we perform processes including delivery.
By simply placing a purchase order to a reliable manufacturing partner, all necessary processes can be taken care of, and the burden related to the business of clients can be drastically reduced. This reduction is especially beneficial to fabless manufacturers without their own production department. We, a reliable manufacturing partner, perform processes from manufacturing to delivery to the designated location, in an integrated fashion. As for production, we perform all processes from cutting and bending raw materials to welding, coating, and assembly. This integrated system enables us to bear responsibility for all processes and provide well-balanced and high-quality products. These are great advantages for clients to maintain their brand power. In addition, the integrated system greatly reduces clients' administrative tasks related to delivery deadlines. We have met expectations for short delivery deadlines and complicated processes. Needless to say, we delightfully accept orders for only one process such as "welding only" or "coating only."

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