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We can accommodate everything from prototype to the mass production of metal pressing products. 

We can accommodate everything from prototypes to mass production of metal pressing products.  We also have rich experience in processing special metals.  We also produce and sell transfer units.  In December 2019, our head office factory and Nagano factory obtained IATF16949: 2016 certification.

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Business and technology
Transfer units/FA/automated machines
PS series
The ultimate transfer unit. The conventional press that you already own is converted into a transfer press in a second.
1. Entry-level transfer press.
2. It turns a conventional press into a transfer press just by attaching it.
3. One-touch, removable setup.
4. Workers can easily set it up. This implies there is less work for the supervisor to perform.
By attaching this machine to the front of your press (it can also be attached to the back), pressed products can be transported to the next process.  The mold is not a special mold but a series of single-shot molds arranged at equal intervals.
Just by flipping a switch, 
it can made to accommodate either transfer processing or normal processing (single/progressive).  This allows for more effective utilization of presses. 
Sufficient data memory
It can store data of up to 200 machine types. 
Equipped with external input/output terminal
Can be set up to work with external devices.
Fueling into molds that are being moved, coordination with external mold tapping, and establishing control by installing air cylinders inside the mold are made easy with our systems. 
Surprising transportability
Through NC controls, conveyor pitch, lift amount, and arm clearance can be freely set. 
The speed of each action can also be set.  Detailed setting for each product is possible. For instance, 100% speed can be used for small and easily transportable products, and 50% speed can be used for large and difficult to transport products. 
The dies and molds are an aggregate of single types Both production and planning are made easy. 
The mold does not require space for arm storage. Thus, it can be used to perform many steps. 
Other automatic machines
Linked transfer system for dual presses
Synchronization system for blanking presses
Destack feeders
We are adept at proposing designs that utilize features of VA, VE, and pressing in collaboration with our clients. 
We have a lineup of pressing that includes design/production of press dies. 
Various progressive pressing (up to 300 t)
Transfer pressing (up to 400 t)
We can accommodate various types of pressing (deep drawing, punching, bending, and laminating inside mold).
We offer everything from prototype to mass production.
We have much experience in the successful mass production of products made of special materials such as ZAM, SCM, SUJ2, and Bainite steel with direct supervision from the material makers. 
Materials we can process
Iron, stainless steel, plates steel sheet, and ZAM
Special copper, Bainite steel, and SUJ2
Iron, stainless steel, plates steel sheet, and ZAM
We perform machine processing/welding of pressed products. 
Inverter welding (both spot and projection welding, 50–130 KVA) and YAG laser welding (50–350 W)
Integrated line of press - NC lathe - barrel polishing
Surface treatment, including barrel polishing and cleaning
We have a system that allows us to accommodate various types of surface treatment as a part of our integrated system. 
Processing we can accommodate
Barrel polishing: rotation barreling, centrifugal barreling, and roll-flow barreling
Cleaning: hydrocarbon cleaning and fluorine cleaning
Improving press processing technology daily
Mass production
Motor cases (deep drawing type): We perform our mass production while monitoring the size difference in the metal press fitting parts at 1 μm level.  By adopting plated steel sheet, we have successfully reduced costs compared to post-plating, while maintaining quality. 
ZAM welding
We jointly developed the techniques of ZAM steel welding together with Hitachi and Nippon Steel Corporation, and adapted it to mass production ahead of other companies. 
Elimination of plating significantly reduces cost. 

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