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Latest update: 15/11/2019 15:56:42

Yamatogiken Co., Ltd.

We will help you realize your concept through one-stop solutions.

Our primary mission is to offer high-quality services from design to production as part of an integrated production system, by combining the latest technologies with years of experience. We will provide a high value-added meticulous service that is not possible with larger companies.

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Introduction to business content, products and technology etc.
Business outline and characteristics
Our main business lines are (1) new product development support, (2) embedded system development, and (3) business application development. The new product development department handles the entire new product development project on a consignment basis and helps with some parts of the development. The embedded system development department conducts embedded CPU board design/production, as well as analog circuit design for various sensors. The business application development department develops C/S database applications. Additionally, we provide consultation to realize automation and labor conservation through the deployment of IT.
Product/technology outline
Regarding specific examples of past development projects, our company has an excellent track record in a wide range of business categories and industries regardless of the genre, as follows:
- A network-based system for remotely monitoring the environment (temperature, humidity, brightness, camera (video))
-LED lighting equipment for mushroom cultivation
-Automatic payment terminal for hospitals
-Medical device controller for dentistry
-An evaluation system for the continuous operation of ABS, which allows for examining the changes in the properties by changing various conditions of ABS (brake) unit operations.
-Discharge controller for printers
-Digital signage (electronic signboard)
-Traffic signals for road works
-Control system for railway companies
-Power monitoring systems (e.g., for factories) 
About business matching
Since our establishment in 1986, our main business has been the manufacturing/sales of computer-applied equipment. Since then, we have earned the trust of customers in a wide range of fields such as electrical machinery, electronics, agriculture, food, automobiles, transportation, electric power, and medical care, without limiting ourselves to a single industry or business category. The most important feature of our operation is that we offer individual processes as well as an integrated system, and whether it is a single item or lot production. Additionally, we have combined acquisitition of the latest technology with experience from different business categories. All our staff members are devoted to R&D activities, with the aim that we become the top company in terms of customer satisfaction.

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