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Latest update: 16/11/2023 17:55:51

Deport, Inc.

We solve various problems caused by viruses and bacteria with the power of ozone.

Countermeasures against infectious diseases caused by various viruses
Measures against odors caused by bacteria
Regarding ozone, we have obtained scientific evidence jointly with universities and research institutes.

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We provide ozone air and ozone water products.
Characteristics of Ozone
Ozone (O3) with one oxygen molecule (O) attached to oxygen (O2). Due to its unstable characteristics, it immediately binds to surrounding organic matter, reverts to oxygen (O2), and the remaining oxygen molecules bind to organic matter and become inactivated.
We have obtained scientific evidence of various viruses and bacteria, starting with the novel coronavirus.
Since it is produced from naturally derived materials and returns to the natural origin, it is a remarkable material that is environmentally friendly and timely for the current era.
It has excellent sterilization and deodorizing functions, so there are many potential unrealized needs. I would like to explore new markets with like-minded partner companies.
Ozone Air Products
This product generates ozone and sprays it into the air. The concentration complies with the safety standards (0.1 ppm) recommended by the Japanese Society for Hygiene, so there is no effect on the human body. The lineup ranges from palm sizes to tabletop types.
The ozone generator is manufactured by Tamura Teco Co., Ltd., a leading ozone company, which proposed the CT value that quantifies the visualization of ozone. It was also the first company to present evidence of the new coronavirus in collaboration with universities.
So far, Ozone Air products have been introduced to most facilities where people gather, i.e., places where measures against infectious diseases are necessary. However, we believe there are still many more issues (potential needs) arising from viruses and bacteria besides infectious diseases.
Ozone Water Products
Ozone water, i.e., ozone mixed with water, has been used for washing ambulances, sterilizing at food factories, decomposing odor molecules (deodorization), and other purposes; however, recent experiments have shown that it also promotes the growth of crops on farms. In addition, it maintains freshness and has been reported to be effective in repelling pests (with the effect of eliminating pests’ hormones). 
Furthermore, since the water breaks down bacteria and mold spores, it is also used to clean wastewater from factories.
We believe there are other potential applications of ozone water, which could open up new markets.

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