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Latest update: 18/11/2023 16:56:48

Towamate Co., Ltd.

Manufacture and sale of fermented foods and health ingredients

We manufacture and sell germinated soybean tempeh, which is a fermented soybean product, and TOWAMATE Coffee made from fermented coffee beans. We also conduct contract manufacturing using our facilities.

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Business description
Fermented foods
With our unique fermentation technology, we provide foods that maximize the potential of ingredients.

Germinated soybean tempeh
Tempeh is a health food made from fermented soybeans using Rhizopus fungi, a type of mildew.
By producing it based on patented technology*, we have succeeded in increasing the content of protein and dietary fiber compared to normal tempeh.
We recommend it as an ingredient for locomotive syndrome and beauty.

TOWAMATE Coffee is made by fermenting green coffee beans with Rhizopus fungi, which are mildew.
These are healthy coffee beans whose lipids and glucides have been reduced through fermentation.
Oral care products
We provide gel toothpaste that addresses the worries of adults. It minimizes foaming to allow for firm brushing.

Beauté Rosa
It can be used both as a gel toothpaste and for cleansing of teeth.
Blended with plant extracts, it prevents bad breath, whitens teeth, and prevents tooth decay.
Contract manufacturing
We have fermenters and warm air dryers, and carry out contract manufacturing according to your request. First, please contact us.

Mixing machines
Large refrigerators and freezers
Warm air dryers

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