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Latest update: 02/10/2023 11:27:06


We are growing day by day so that our customers can be truly satisfied and impressed.

ADMAX K.K. is an IT solution company whose main business is system development.
We provide various solutions such as .NET system development, JAVA system development, PHP system development, mobile application development, and Windows application development. We also provide migration solutions such as Silverlight migration support services and Office migration support services, and solutions using packages such as Asteria Warp and Grandit.

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Sales Pitch

We can be consultants for your company's introduction of IT and system development.
To customers considering using IoT and ICT
Recently, you can often hear about IT, IoT, and ICT from media such as news and newspapers.
Your company may also be considering introducing IT, developing IT services, and developing in-house systems.
"There are issues in our company, but we don’t understand what to do with a sudden introduction of IT!"
"We want to bring new services to the world, but we don't have any resources for system development!"
"What should we do with adopting IT in the first place?"
We think there are a lot of opinions in different companies.
If you don't mind, why not share these opinions with us?
Even if no specific IT introduction has been decided,
We don’t mind if it is just a rough idea about your company's issues, problems, and direction.
It doesn't matter to us even if they seem trivial.
Please feel free to contact us.

Through such discussions, we hope that we can propose the optimal solution and help solve your problems and questions.

We look forward to hearing your opinions.

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