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Latest update: 30/11/2023 15:11:00

LightsSquare LLC

Internet technologies will make our lives safer and faster

We are contracted to develop web applications, mobile applications, and business systems using the Cloud. We develop and sell the disaster prevention radio system “AlertQue” for public and local governments.

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Service contents introduction
Cloud Service
We undertake contract development of business service systems to realize the provision of services that take maximum advantage of the benefits of the cloud environment.

Contracted development of embedded software
Software development for broadcasting stations
Digitalization support for corporate operations
Corporate PC and network environment construction support
Development and sales of in-house-developed web services
Taking care of UI
Mobile devices require "intuitive operability, ease of understanding, and quick response." We are developing an application UI with the aim that it does not require any explanation on its use.
Government disaster prevention radio redistribution service
This can only be achieved using current operations. As such, no special operations are required, and the effectiveness of disaster prevention radio can be expected to improve. The public will be able to clearly hear disaster prevention radio messages in real time. The public can rest assured that these messages will be broadcasted repeatedly for a certain period of time. No need to install an app to hear these messages.

Perfect for situations like the below.
Unable to hear in real time.
 Even when disaster prevention radio is being broadcasted, it is difficult to hear what is being said.
Unable to hear when not at home
 Unable to listen to disaster prevention radio messages when outside due to ambient noise
Disaster prevention radio cannot be used
 For people whose disaster prevention radio is broken or they don't have one
Joint development examples
PlatCast (joint venture with I-O DATA DEVICE, INC.) - Audio distribution service for events
LiveGather (joint development with Hokuriku Denwa Kouji Co., Ltd.) - Live video streaming service to the digital TVs of hotel guest rooms