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Latest update: 02/10/2023 11:27:06

Microfiche, Ltd.

Hokkaido's top VR achievements and know-how

Based on the CG, video and system technologies that we have developed over many years since our founding, 
we deliver high quality VR technology.
We support the success of your company with our abundant know-how and cutting-edge technologies.

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Evolving MicroFiche techniques
Evolving MicroFiche techniques
Image quality and presentation are the most important factors for VR as visual information.
We have been involved in numerous commercials, dramas and movies.
We are creating high-quality content that appeals strongly to viewers in XR by taking advantage of advanced technologies and performance output cultivated through video production.
Hokkaido's top VR production track record
We embarked on development before VR was even very well known.
Since releasing our first VR model room in 2016, we have released numerous content in the fields of real estate, promotions and entertainment.
We have a lot of experience with XR, and we can propose and provide optimal solutions that are highly effective for the purposes of customers.
Development of VRs that can be used for social purposes
We launched META Place, a metaverse service.
We create and install 3D objects according to the purpose of the customer in the vast space of virtual space.
We provide customized virtual space according to the purpose of the customer.
The metaverse is a very revolutionary service, but its use requires sophisticated knowledge and technology, and it has a very high threshold.
We produce and prepare all the objects, installation, and gadget arrangements.
Our clients can access it from any gadget, including HMD, PCs, and smartphones, to enable meetings and information sharing.
Released from time, space, and physical laws, META Place revolutionizes business speed and efficiency in any situation.
Metaverse Collaboration Platform META Place
META Place Features
1. Overwhelming increase in speed
Accelerate project approval to enable flawless communications and image sharing.
Costs can be drastically reduced by increasing the speed for confirmation and progression and minimizing errors.

2. Significant cost reductions
Accelerate communication processes by more than 50% as confirmation work can be carried out with specific visual information.
Visible confirmation possible from all sizes and angles, and confusion over image differences and misunderstandings can be minimized.

3. Make correct decisions
By making progress while experiencing VR, the image gap with clients can be minimized and we can make the best proposals to satisfy our customers.
What is META Place?
Our collaboration workspace - META Place.
This is your own infinite space created in a virtual space on the cloud, free from time, place, and physical constraints.
We deliver customized digital places for various purposes.
All specialized technologies and complex processes are accepted, developed and prepared by us.
Our customers can simply access it from any location, at any time, and from any gadget, such as HMD (Head Mounted Display), PCs, smartphones, or tablets.
You can meet and collaborate at the same time in a digital place, and even if you access it at a different time, you can share clear, consistent information by keeping records in the digital place.
Traditional collaborative work can be overwhelming, efficiently and rationally progressed and the business of our customers can be accelerated. We achieve this by sharing specific visual information in various scenarios such as design confirmation, idea generation, information sharing, and simulation.
We have an innovative service in a new era where the best conclusions are reached overwhelmingly fast and with confidence.
META Place features
Remote collaboration
 Up to eight people in a single space which can be accessed simultaneously from anywhere.
You can collaborate and give presentations across geographic constraints.

 Easy access from all gadgets, including HMD as well as PCs, tablets and smartphones

Object placement
 You can freely place boxes in the META Place.
Freely arranges walls, floors, partitions, etc. to instantly visualize ideas.
By providing assets, you can freely lay out furniture, interiors, images, etc. in real time.

Records and posts
 Write in the space, take photos, transcribe audio, and leave comments.
META Place provides a variety of tools for sharing messages and images.
Accurate communication can be achieved by making full use of these methods.

 You can change the scale of anything in the META Place in real time.
In addition to buildings, furniture, and assets that you can deploy, you can make them bigger or smaller.
Objects can be observed and simulated from any viewpoint.

 The measurement tool allows you to accurately measure internal scenes.
Various approaches can be verified while checking, changing and simulating height and width, etc. in real time.

Color changes
 Coordination decisions require the imagination of clients. It takes a lot of time to get to a final decision, and when you try it out, it's unlikely that you will be disappointed.
By presenting an accurate simulation of real size, it is possible to reach the ideal final image.

Show and hide
 You can show and hide groups in pre-configuration.
For example, confirming the structure or using it for an effective presentation

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