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Latest update: 19/09/2023 12:38:11

Health Scrum Hokkaido Co., Ltd.

We develop OEM products using raw materials from Hokkaido and EBN.

We, Health Scrum Hokkaido, provide a variety of services that support healthy lifestyles, regardless of the boundaries of the industry.

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About OEM and ODM
Experts with medical national qualifications such as doctor of agriculture, registered dietitian, doctor of medicine, and pharmacist will help you develop OEM/ODM products using Hokkaido raw materials and EBN raw materials.

We are a one-stop shop for health needs and ideas.

After listening to the customer's request, we will make proposals that take into account all supply chains, such as the procurement of raw materials, selection of the optimal plant, and effective and efficient sales activities.

In doing so, we value the following three points.

We aim for long-lasting long-selling products rather than temporary hit products
We support not only making products, but also sales
We provide regular support for user follow-up after the product is sold.

We also value communication so that even those who are first to make products can leave them to you with peace of mind.

Please feel free to contact us.
Product sales
Centering on products from Hokkaido, we deal in health foods, cosmetics, processed foods, agricultural products, and other unique products.

Especially for health foods, we are focusing on products based on EBN.
Overseas business
We help overseas customers develop new products and import and export unique products and raw materials.
We carefully select delicious Hokkaido cuisine.

Buyers with many years of experience and knowledge actually go to the site and listen to producers’ commitments, choosing only those that they think are truly delicious.

We actively adopt products that could not be purchased unless we actually go there, and rare products that have not been exported.

*We do not currently export chilled products, but you can purchase them from this site, Pirika Shop.

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