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Latest update: 30/11/2023 11:29:03

Limited partnership Himawari

Over 40 years of technical capability in blank rod manufacturing

We manufacture and process FRP pipe products, such as fishing rods, gate rods, and coin parking gate bars, on a made-to-order basis. We have been manufacturing fishing rods since our establishment 48 years ago. We have manufactured our company’s original rods and completely custom-made fishing rods for both stores and individual customers and have earned a good reputation for them.
We can also handle inquiries about large and long products, and we can manufacture rods that are up to 65 mm in outer diameter and up to 4,000 mm in length.

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Main products
Blank rods/fishing rods
This is “one of our specialties” which has been created through dialogue with customers
All fishing rods/blank rods are made to order. Customers can express their preferences and individuality through detailed customization, quality, coating, etc. Rods that can be operated with ease, rods that make fishing even more fun, and rods that convey the excitement you feel when you catch a fish. We can make rods in small batches or from just one unit.
When it comes to fishing rods, it is difficult to express one's feelings with a physical object, but through numerous meetings with clients and trial manufacturing, we have been able to create rods that are satisfying for everyone.

We create original blank rods such as fly rods, bass rods, lure rods, various other blank rods, spacer pipes, grip pipes, etc.! We can provide a wide range of flexible support for all customers, from companies to individuals, and from trial manufacturing and development to secondary processing and mass production, small-lot production, and maintenance and repair.
FRP pipe products
FRP pipes are made from FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics), which is a general term for laminated products made of thermosetting resin (mainly unsaturated polyester resin or epoxy resin) with glass fibers as a reinforcement material.
FRP products have the features of being light, strong, and doesn’t corrode, but it is also a widely used material because it does not cause electrical corrosion, has excellent heat and weather resistance, and it has an excellent structure.

Products made by craftsmen who are familiar with FRP, which is light, strong, and does not corrode
We began manufacturing and selling FRP products in 1975, and we have been manufacturing various types of custom-made corrosion-resistant pipes (small diameter pipes to large diameter pipes) to suit various design conditions. The sheet winding (SW) manufacturing method enables the production of high-performance molded products with high shape accuracy and high carbon fiber content (Vf). We are particularly good at manufacturing small cylindrical products.

We can manufacture pipes and rods with inner diameters from 0.45mm to outer diameters of 80mm and lengths of up to 4,000mm. We can handle various sizes. Please contact us for large diameter pipes that exceed Φ80.
*Centerless processing is possible for outer diameters up to 150mm.
Custom-made mass production
This is used as an insulated pipe in a variety of fields, including voltage detection operation rods for electrical construction companies, cheering flags, frames of hand-thrown gliders, ski poles, and camera arms, etc. We can also accept consultations on creating products that have never existed before.