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Aqua West K.K.

We are researching use methods for a special heat shield/heat insulation paint coating material with an amazing thermal reflectivity of 99.61%.

As a general import distributor of special heat shield/heat insulation paint ceramic cover CC100 in Japan, we apply coatings for domestic facilities and we are developing heat insulation sheets using CC100. Ceramic Cover CC100 is a special heat shielding/heat insulation paint coating agent developed in the US, and when applied directly by spray coating it achieves an amazing special heat shielding/heat insulation effect. We would like to fulfill our mission of reducing CO2 emissions and contributing to all kinds of energy saving in Japan by combining CC100 spray coating and our patented heat insulation sheet. We plan to connect with cooperative partners who agree with us using J-GoodTech and rollout CC100 coating services throughout Japan. Specifically, we would like to cooperate with partners that are able to make proposals for the construction industry (application to buildings such as houses), plants (application to fuel storage tanks and valves with large heat dissipation), and the transportation industry (application to trucks).  In particular, we are planning to commercialize the following three items. (1) Joint development, including verification and confirmation of the energy-saving effects of coating the roofs and walls of refrigerated and frozen warehouses, (2) new business alliances utilizing patented heat insulation sheets, and (3) new application methods through new product development for small high-pressure airless guns. We would like to connect with partner companies through J-GoodTech and realize commercialization by all means.

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We are looking for partner companies!
① Joint development (Solicitation: sales and contractors)
Joint business development, including verification and confirmation of at least 70% energy-saving effect by coating refrigerated/frozen warehouses, and semiconductors and pharmaceutical factories
Previously, ceramic cover CC100 was applied by spray coating the roofs of buildings. However, a U.S. manufacturer reported data that “1/14 of external heat penetration acquisition” was achieved through application to not only roofs, but also to the roofs and walls of concrete buildings without windows. 
Based on this data, we are considering cooperation with companies in Japan that can partner-up in regard to the commercialization of coating roofs and walls with CC100. Specifically, we hope to cooperate with companies that can jointly verify the energy-saving effects of CC100 coatings on roofs and walls, as well as carry out sales activities and construction. This is in order to make proposals for refrigerated warehouses and semiconductor and pharmaceutical factories where it can be assumed that the cost of air-conditioning management is high. The remarkable thermal insulation effect of CC100 can be demonstrated not only by coating roofs but also exterior walls, and it is expected to have a high energy-saving effect. In order to demonstrate this effect, we would like to verify comparison tests for before and after coating in cooperation with partner companies through J-GoodTech.
② Business alliances (Solicitation: manufacturer, sales and construction companies)
New business alliances using patented insulation sheets
Our patented insulation sheet CC100 is a thin sheet with a thickness of 1 mm which we have a manufacturing patent for, and it can provide almost the same heat-insulating effect as a wool sheet with a thickness of 50 mm. Through J-GoodTech, we are considering business matching with insulation sheet manufacturers as well as sales and construction companies.
③ New product development (Solicitation: manufacturer)
Development of new products and small, high-pressure airless guns
We have verified that spraying CC100 on valves with complex shapes in a factory can produce a significant thermal insulation effect. However, there are problems with the application method. Previously, the coatings were applied to roofs using a large engine hydraulic machine. However, we believe that a small high-pressure gun type applicator may be more suitable for efficiently applying coatings to valves in factories. Through J-GoodTech, we hope to cooperate with manufacturers that have been contracted to manufacture small, high-pressure airless guns. If we can solve this problem, we will be able to propose valves for factories in Japan, and we believe that this will allow us to develop a completely new market and make an extremely significant contribution to energy conservation and CO2 reduction.

Possibility of creating a new market for applying CC100 to valves in factories
Even though pipes in factories retain heat, the valves and flanges in Japan are mostly not insulated. Therefore, it can be assumed that heat loss in Japan is considerable. We have verified that spraying CC100 on a valve with a complicated shape can produce a large thermal insulation effect. According to experimental measurements for verifying the thermal insulation effect of valve insulation jackets and valve CC100 coatings, the design unit price of the paint is 5,000 yen/m2 (using an airless gun). If the surface area of an 80A ball valve is simply converted to 0.35 m2, the valve insulation jacket price would be 25,000 yen while the valve CC100 coating would cost 1,500 yen, which is a massive cost advantage.
Our business
Import and sale of ceramic cover CC100
Construction on the roof of buildings, oil tanks, walls of storage tanks, etc., has resulted in high energy-saving effects and has contributed to CO2 reduction. The thermal insulation effect of CC100 spray painting has been verified through 25 years of experience and actual measurements.
Features and effects
Amazing thermal reflectivity of 99.61% (Georgia Tech Laboratory)
Reduces external heat acquisition by 1/14
Can be expected to have effect not only for insulation, but also for cracks, peeling, waterproofing and rust prevention. 
Construction results
Toyota Motor Showroom (March 2000)
 Semi-conductor plant roof
Plant facility storage tanks
Factory valves  
Non-combustible materials/Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism certification No.: NM-1798
ISO 9001
Development of thermal insulation sheet CC100
The thermal insulation sheet CC100, for which we have a patent for our manufacturing process, is as thin as 1 mm, and we can obtain a large thermal insulation effect by applying it together with thermal insulation paint CC100.

Features and effects
A 1 mm thick sheet provides almost the same thermal insulation as a 50 mm thick wool sheet.

Usage cases and expected effects
Underside of car roof and body
 Ensuring energy-saving battery durability and longer driving distance
Cargo BOX for transport trucks
 Reduction of CO2 emissions and fuel efficiency through energy conservation
As wallpaper for houses
 Reducing CO2 emissions and electricity costs through energy conservation

By spray painting CC100 on the roof of trucks, and attaching heat insulating sheet CC100 to the interior and the inner roof of the truck, we can greatly improve the thermal insulation effect.
Verification of the insulation effect of the ceramic cover CC100
We are verifying the thermal insulation effect of CC100 in cooperation with domestic and overseas research institutions. We are pursuing all possibilities for energy conservation and analyzing CC100 quantitative energy conservation data.

Valves with complicated shapes
CC100 was coated with a 2mm thickness on a high-pressure ball valve that was conventionally made of an insulation jacket. By comparing the valve temperature with the catalogue value of the insulation jacket and the measured value obtained by applying CC100, we could confirm an insulation effect that is as close as possible to that of the manufacturer value. We have verified that spraying can produce a large thermal insulation effect even for valves with complicated shapes.

Desorption tower for plants
The thickness tank surface temperature of 130℃ decreased to 45℃ after a 2 mm application of CC100. As tanks, pipes, etc. can be coated even during operation, thermal insulation measures are possible without affecting operation.

Energy-saving measures by reducing solar radiation load in semiconductor buildings
Applied to steel structure, folded plate roof structure and roof of one-story building (2,100 m2). As a result of reducing peak power consumption, the daily load factor was 88%, a 15% improvement compared to before construction. This is contributing to a reduction of 62 tons of CO2 per year.

[Application to refrigerated and frozen warehouses
CC100's remarkable thermal insulation effect is expected to be highly effective not only by applying it on roofs but also on exterior walls. In order to demonstrate this effect, we would like to verify a comparison test of electricity fees before and after application through J-GoodTech in cooperation with partner companies.




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