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Latest update: 02/10/2023 11:27:19

ECMS Japan K.K.

We respond to the needs of cross-border EC logistics and inbound B2B logistics.

We provide international courier logistics services. We are engaged in various services for overseas delivery for inbound businesses, international home delivery specializing in small parcels, and cross-border EC fulfillment. As Japan's first "Low Cost Forwarder", we use our IT technology and global network to achieve services at low prices.

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Provision of global international express delivery services
Overseas delivery services for inbound carriers
The Souvenir Overseas Delivery Service for inbound businesses is a B2C direct delivery service. It enables foreign visitors to Japan to directly ship souvenirs bought at stores in Japan from those same stores.

Advantages for foreign tourists visiting Japan
Arrange delivery of products purchased at stores in Japan to your home, reducing the need for heavy baggage
Lower delivery fees compared to international express mail (*compared to our company)

Advantages for inbound businesses (mainly Japanese retail stores)
Basic free service introduction cost
Glass bottles such as sake, wine, and other bottles can be repackaged with export-friendly materials
Contributing to the improvement of consumer behavior by enabling foreign visitors to directly deliver purchased goods to their homes overseas
Shipping procedures can be almost completed by input into a traveler's smartphone.
Preparation of cumbersome trade documents
Post-delivery inquiry support
International courier service Standard EXPRESS
This is a direct delivery service specializing in international parcel delivery. We will carry out Door to Door transportation from collection to completion of delivery in the destination country. Readily available for any corporation/sole proprietor.

Integrated transportation
In addition to import and export customs clearance procedures, we can make deliveries to overseas consumers through our own reliable operations. Both collection and delivery are available nationwide in Japan.

Target areas
We can ship to the United States, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Philippines. The number of other destinations will gradually expand. ​

Transportation charges
Even in the case of small-volume shipments, transportation charges are cheaper than EMS. We have an easy-to-understand pricing system in kilograms. In addition, if taxes are incurred locally, they will be charged locally. (DDU handling)

In addition to tracking the status of shipments over the Internet, our customer service teams in Japan and localities provide support until delivery is complete. ​

Required number of days (starting from warehouse receiving SCAN)
 U.S. 7-14 business days
 China 5-12 business days
 Hong Kong/Taiwan/Korea 5-9 business days
 Thailand/Singapore/Malaysia 5-10 business days
 Indonesia 5-21 business days
 Vietnam 4-8 business days
 Philippines 4-14 business days
* This does not apply in the event of a natural disaster, strike, customs inspection, or other force majeure not attributable to us.
Cross-border EC fulfillment services
This service provides temporary management and packing of cargo shipped overseas or domestically. We provide services for picking, packing, and shipping work promptly after an order is received. In addition, it is possible to use us as a temporary sorting and shipping center for imported luggage.

Smooth launch
The use of existing systems and facilities allows for quick launch without any hassle. Our inventory management system is equipped with functions such as barcode operation, first-in, first-out, total picking, order picking, and label issuance, as well as cooperation with transportation system, and we can easily start operations.

Low cost
This is an ancillary service that is provided as part of transportation services by businesses that actually carry out logistics to local areas, and can be started at a low cost.

Our fulfillment center is located near Narita Airport and we can have parcels in the air within 24 hours of packing completion.

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