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Latest update: 09/10/2023 14:12:44

Marutomi Shouten K.K.

We are conveying the appeal points about the highest quality wagyu beef, which is a part of Japanese culture, to the whole world.

We mainly purchase carefully selected A4 and A5 class wagyu beef from meat wholesale markets across the country, carry out primary processing of carcasses at our factory, and supply them to meat wholesalers. We carry out secondary processing according to customer needs and supply restaurants and retailers. We have a ranch (Marutomi Farm) on Ishigaki Island, where we also breed and raise calves.

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Sales Pitch

Overwhelming assessment abilities and purchasing power
Assessment abilities
We only stock high-quality Japanese black beef from various parts of Japan. Our assessment abilities have been developed since our founding. We purchase carcasses by the head after carefully examining the pedigree, production origin, age in months, meat quality, lipids, etc., of carcasses in meat markets nationwide. We also handle rare brands of beef that are not common in the market, and all of our employees are working to enhance their professional consciousness so that they can handle real needs.
In-house plant processing
All wagyu beef carcasses purchased from various meat markets, etc., are processed in-house (not only large divisions, subdivision, and shaping, but also packaging, weighing, storage, and shipping). Since de-boning and the division of each part are carried out in our own factory, it is possible to check the condition of meat and marbling in detail.
Overseas expansion of the wagyu brand
We have a farm (Marutomi Farm) on Ishigaki Island where we breed and raise calves. We hope to expand Japanese beef brands to throughout the world. We offer customers satisfactory products and deliver the highest quality wagyu beef with sincerity to yakiniku restaurants, steak houses, luxury hotels, department store tenants, and others.

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