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Latest update: 02/10/2023 11:27:19


We are a manufacturing partner that meets customer needs with global sources and original products

We handle sales and import/export of industrial materials and equipment as a manufacturer of electric wire processing equipment. We handle everything from the development of wire harness processing laser processing machines and pre- and post-processing equipment to the sale of electric wire manufacturing equipment, materials and components for electric wires and harnesses, and used electric wire manufacturing equipment.

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Product overview
FBC laser harness machines
We have laser beam machines for harness processing, front-and-back processing equipment, and automation lines. The harnesses processed by our laser processing machines are used in a variety of fields, including medical equipment, such as ultrasonic probes and endoscopes, electronic communication equipment, such as drones and smartphones, high-speed and large-capacity communication equipment such as semiconductor testers, data servers, supercomputers, and in-vehicle high-speed communications. One of our specialties is machining ultra-fine coaxial lines and high-spec cables with strict machining dimensional accuracy.

■ Laser jacket cutter JC series
Equipped with a CO2 laser, this series is ideal for resin processing, such as the sheath of electric wires and the internal dielectric of coaxial wires. CO2 lasers reflect on metal surfaces, and so it is possible to selectively process only a coating without damaging the conductor.

■ Laser shield cutter SC series
Equipped with a YVO4 laser, this series is ideal for machining coaxial wire shields and metals such as metal mylar. Shielded wire can be uniformly machined around its entire circumference using our unique 4-way irradiation.
Laser welding equipment
All-Mighty laser welding equipment equipped with high-speed, high-quality, and high-stability pulse YAG laser oscillators.
8 models from 30W to 600W are available. Wide range of applications from fine welding to automotive parts welding
Minimum beam diameter from φ0.2 mm * Please contact us separately for smaller diameters.
Easy switching between manual and automatic operations, and one unit covers trial manufacture and development to mass production.
The workpiece is fixed to the machining stage and the laser injection unit is scanned by the three axes of the X-axis, Y-axis, and Z-axis, making it ideal for machining long and heavy workpieces that are difficult to handle.
Safety cover is compatible with standard equipment *Class 1 specifications
Compatible with various custom designs (e.g. in-line, fiber laser/semiconductor laser mounting, etc.)

Electronic parts, electrical parts, mechanical parts, medical parts, optical parts, precision sheet metal welding, copper wires such as motor coils, battery tabbing, wire and terminal welding, various metals, dissimilar metals, lap welding, butt welding
Wire manufacturing machinery and wire manufacturing materials
Electrical wire manufacturing machines
● Wire drawing machines
Machine type: Rough drawing machines, medium wire drawing machines, thin wire drawing machines, ultra-thin wire drawing machines
・Main wire rods:
Copper wire, aluminum wire, stainless steel wire, alloy wire, etc.
● Stranding machines
Machine types: cylindrical, cage, skip, rigid, single/double twist buncher
Main wire rods: Copper wire, aluminum wire, stainless steel wire, alloy wire, coated wire, etc.
● Extruders
Machine types: PE/PVC, Teflon, PTFE
Peripheral equipment: Supply equipment, coiler equipment, accumulators, drawing machines
● Braiding machines
Machine types : Rotary type
Main applications: Electrical wires, medical catheters, endoscopes, hoses, etc.
● Enamel painting machines
Machine type : Horizontal type, vertical type
Peripheral equipment: Supply equipment, annealer equipment, baking ovens, drawing equipment, coiler equipment
● Other equipment
Rolling mills, swaging machines, bat welding machines, cold welders, horizontal winding shield machines, tape winding machines, FFC laminators, injection molding machines, die casting machines, various testing equipment, used machines, etc.

Electrical wire welding machines/Rebar welding machines
We handle NICHIYO brand welding machines made by the former  Nippon Yosetsuki K.K. The members who took over the drawings and know-how from  Nippon Yosetsuki provide the same welding machines as before. We also sell parts.

Materials for electrical wire production
● Thin wire rods
We handle wire rods for electric wires manufactured in Japan and overseas. Please contact us for any inquiries about other various wire materials such as silver plating, tin plating, single wire and stranded wire. Main applications: Heater wires, coaxial wires, core wires for various coated wires, shielded wires, braided wires
● Bobbins/drums
We handle bobbins and drums manufactured overseas.
There are various types for the winding of metal wires, non-ferrous wires, cables, etc.
Major applications: Wire rods for wire drawing processing, stranded wire processing, extrusion processing, wire manufacturing processing, etc.
● Ultrafine coaxial lines
We handle ultra-fine coaxial lines manufactured overseas.
Major applications: Wiring in electronic devices, medical cables, wireless antenna cables, etc.

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