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Latest update: 16/11/2023 17:55:55

Ichikawakougyousyo, Inc.

Production of automotive parts and building materials

We manufacture automotive parts as well as many parts related to the steering column, which is a drive system for vehicles. We have built a system that enables consistent in-house processing from metal pressing to assembly, and we can ensure stable quality and cost reductions. Because most of our products are important safety parts, we maintain a very high level of quality control.

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Business description
Integrated in-house production system
We handle many parts related to the steering column, which is a drive system product for automobiles. For processing, we have a wide range of facilities and are working every day to improve our technologies, including: (1) metal pressing (45 to 600 t), (2) robot welding (CO2), (3) resistance welding, (4) resin molding (60 to 300 t), insert molding (turntable vertical molding machine), (5) machining (NC lathe, M/C) and (6) assembly (turbocharger for vehicle engines, engine oil pumps, axles for golf carts). Accordingly, it is possible for us to consistently manufacture products in-house. In relation to tools, we determine the specifications for molds and manufacture them externally. However, maintenance and improvements are carried out in-house (Production Engineering Division). We also manufacture inspection and welding jigs, automatic machines, and specialized machines in-house. We also operate a warehousing business as a non-manufacturing business.
Cost reduction and quality control
In processing of steering-related parts, which are key parts, our pressing process has a 3 m long bed for 600-ton pressing. Therefore, we perform sequential processing for two pieces in many cases to reduce processing costs by half. In insert molding, the core metal is also molded in-house, so it is possible to smoothly set the control dimensions of pressed products (core metal). In addition, the engine oil pumps that we assemble have a case that is manufactured in-house and M/C processed, so inventory management is easy and there aren’t logistics costs, reducing the overall costs.. As described above, we have a system that enables us to achieve stable quality and cost reductions in the process of in-house manufacturing. In addition, many of our products are important safety parts, and they are KD parts for overseas customers. Therefore, the highest quality control is required. Our company’s approach is to install digital tools (cameras and sensors) in the processing process, and to set processes based on a mechanism that prevents the production or flow of defective products.
Product information
Steering-related products
Column compl
Column assembly
Bracket tilt
Bracket low
Bracket assembly lower
Bracket assay tilt
Bracket lower assembly
Support bracket assembly
Out ring
Steering gearbox

Mission-related products
Socket hand lever

Seat-related products
Link subassembly

Pedal-related products
Column bracket

Lamp-related products
Housing assembly

Mirror-related products

Windshield wiper-related products
Windshield wipers

Engine-related products

Sequential layout
Key lock collar
Plate bend
Plate stop
Housing assembly terminal
Lever tilt