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Okagaki Lacquerware K.K.

Production and retail of traditional Wajima lacquerware

We produce and sell Wajima-nuri lacquerware, and we also support made-to-order. We also produce original products other than tableware that are ideal for gifts.
Wajima lacquerware is produced by specialized craftspeople such as woodturners, lacquerers, chinkin artisans and lacquer artists. All of the more than 100 steps in the production flow are done by hand.

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Reasons for choosing us
Traditional technology
Continuing to adhere to the Wajima lacquer technique
Since its founding, we have maintained the Wajima lacquer technique which has been certified by the Agency for Cultural Affairs. The Wajima lacquer technique is one that we are proud of across the whole world, and we intend to continue to cherish it.

Each product is carefully finished
Skilled artisans work one by one to finish a product under a specialized division of labor. By carefully working without compromising, we can make lacquerware with a finish that allows the customer to feel the craftsmanship, something which can’t be expressed using machinery.
High design
Many color variations
Other companies often have around five colors for lacquerware. However, the lacquerware of Senshudo has 22 color variations. Therefore, we can also handle the requests of customers who saw something they liked on social media and want particular kinds of lacquerware.

Abundant range of products
Normally, when you hear the word handicrafts, many people associate them with bowls, chopsticks, etc. However, Senshudo is also engaged in the production of other handicrafts, such as hangers and umbrellas which we devise every year, so we have a wealth of products.
Powder from Wajima-grown Regions
The Noto region is one of Japan's foremost diatomaceous earth producing regions. Its main component is silica shell, which is glass-hard, and has numerous micropores on its surface, making it filterable and absorbable.
Wajima lacquer is made from "Wajima powder," which is made from processed diatomaceous earth produced in Wajima mixed with raw lacquer and rice glue, and this is used for the base lacquer.
By taking time and effort to repeatedly apply and polish the lacquer, our lacquerware becomes strong and unique.

Natural lacquer
Wajima lacquer requires lacquer for many processes, from the base coat to the middle and top coats, as well as lacquer paint (makie). Senshudo uses "natural lacquer" for all of these processes. The reason is the "gloss" unique to natural lacquer.
The more you use natural lacquer, the glossier it becomes and it becomes a color that tugs on the heartstrings of people’s sense of beauty.
Natural lacquer has long been reported to have an antibacterial effect.

Lacquer paint (Makie)
This is a unique Japanese technique for slowly drawing on high-purity lacquer with a thin brush and applying gold dust before the lacquer hardens.

Mother of pearl (Raden)
This is a traditional technique for making beautiful expressions that shine with rainbow colors by adhering singular pieces of lightly polished shell.

Gold-inlaid lacquerware (Chinkin)
This is a technique in which a chisel is used to carve a pattern onto the painted surface and a pattern is created by laying gold or other powder into the carved pattern.

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