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Latest update: 02/10/2023 11:27:18

Kato Light Metal Industry Co., Ltd.

Manufacture of various aluminum materials with extrusions

We have consistent production for everything, from long extruded materials to cutting, processing, welding, and assembly. We have dies for general-purpose materials, so new manufacturing is not required. As a result, we can achieve cost reductions and shorter delivery times.

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Business description
Rapid production of prototypes
Our production of prototype products (demonstration products and prototype production), from extrusion to processing, is one of the speediest in the industry.

We cannot spend several months to produce a prototype.
We need a designed extruded mold material rather than a general-purpose mold.
In order to respond to such customer requests, we promptly respond to inquiries about the shape and appearance of a product, from molding to production.
Delivery time until prototype production
When you consult us we can indicate how long it will take for a prototype to be manufactured.
Solid type: 3 weeks
Hollow type: 4 weeks
Post-processing (press, NC, etc.): Consultation required
Time may be needed around delivery depending on the shape of the mold.
Design material manufacturing services
Support for design research to proposal to planning to design to prototyping to manufacturing to assembly
From extrusion to shipment
With the latest extrusion facilities in place, we are delivering high-quality products that satisfy everyone.
Billet: Aluminum alloy (billet).
 We import from all over the world and do processing.
 We use aluminum alloys which contain magnesium (Mg) and silicon (Si) called the 6000 series.
Billet heater
We heat the aluminum alloy (billet).
This process extrudes heated aluminum alloys (billets) through a variety of molds (dies) to form aluminum extrusion shapes.
Stretcher: This is a process in which the aluminum shapes extruded from the extruder are stretched to correct warpage and distortion.
Cutting machines
This is the process by which aluminum shapes are matched to the required dimensions of ordered products and cut.
Heat-curing treatment (temper treatment)
When aluminum is extruded, its hardness is low, so adding tempering at about 200 degrees using an aluminum furnace increases its hardness.
Even if the same aluminum is used, its hardness varies depending on the temperature and time and depending on the shape to be extruded. The proper hardness is realized by deriving the appropriate temperature and time according to the shape.
Our important products are carefully packed in order to keep them free of scratches.
After the above processes we ship products directly from our company.
Various processing
Would you like to try further processing cut aluminum shapes?
In cooperation with our partner companies, we shorten the work time for customers in terms of cutting, pressing, surface treatment, etc.
We provide products in the shortest delivery time possible so that they can be used immediately.

Cutting [Cut]
Surface treatment [alumite]
 Color alumite
 Matte finish
 Grey electrodeposition coating
 White electrodeposition coating
 Hard anodized aluminum
 Matte electrodeposition coating
 Glossy electrodeposition coating
 Shot blast chemical polishing
 Possible to process 10 mm to 5000 mm long workpieces
 Compatibility with parts from 10 mm is possible
 TIG welding
 MIG welding
Press processing
Terminal processing
 Bending processing
 Spooling processing
 Hydrocarbon cleaning
 Submerged pressure check
  Outfitting assembly

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