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Latest update: 27/09/2023 10:38:11

Ishihara Builder K.K.

House building that creates safety and comfort

We are a contractor that builds custom single houses. We construct and manage custom-built single houses in the Kamakura and Fujisawa areas. We also conduct remodeling and renovation with a focus on earthquake resistance and energy conservation, and construction and management of public facilities in general. We thoroughly investigate building strong, warm, and cool houses with a design that eliminates waste, and we aim to simultaneously reduce utility costs through energy conservation and construction costs as a result.

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Our company’s house building
Strong, environmentally friendly, economical houses
This is a trend in house building that is now commonplace, and it is the basis of our house-building process. Simply put, we build houses that are strong, warm, and cool. By thoroughly investigating this and with a design that eliminates waste, we aim to simultaneously reduce utility costs through energy conservation and construction costs as a result.

Seismic resistance
Structures resistant to lateral shaking
Seismic Grade 3 is essential to ensure that a house is safe to live in even in the event of a major earthquake with a seismic intensity of upper 6 or 7 on the Japanese scale. We aim to build houses with a strong structure of Seismic Grade 3.

Single-layer structure and maintenance-free materials
We use a single-layer structure for the structure. A ventilation layer is provided in the frame to keep the inside of the walls dry at all times. It keeps away moisture, which is the great enemy of deterioration.
In addition, we adopt Galvalume steel sheet roofing for the roof. The exterior walls are plaster-finished by skilled workers (with high-durability material). Maintenance is unnecessary in principle, and the house remains comfortable for many years.

High airtightness and high thermal insulation
Warm in winter, cool in summer
The degree of airtightness is indicated by the “C-value” index. The lower the C-value, the more difficult it is for drafts to enter, that is, the higher the airtightness. Our company’s houses have a C-value of 0.3 to 0.6, which is above standard, and a thermal insulation grade of 4 or higher. They have the thermal insulation performance of ZEH (Zero Energy Housing) or better, making it easier to keep comfortable. In addition, because of the high airtightness of our houses, we install a Class 1 ventilation system in consideration of the indoor air environment.

Care for the air quality in your home. Sumika Class 1 heat exchange ventilation system
Indoor ventilation and air circulation are important for a healthy and comfortable home.
However, in summer, when coolers are running, and in winter, when rooms are heated and warmed, ventilation frequency is reduced, and indoor air tends to become stuffy.
This is an environment that cannot display the best of natural materials and is unfavorable for the body.
Our Sumika Class 1 heat exchange ventilation system mechanically controls the air supply and exhaust air, enabling systematic ventilation even when windows cannot be opened.
In addition, the heat exchange system maintains a comfortable temperature at all times, which creates a living environment that is gentle to the body.

Careful selection of trees that are gentle to the body
The structural materials (pillars and foundations) are made of Japanese cypress grown in nature. The flooring material is solid pine wood with a softness that is felt by bare feet.

Promoting all-electric standardization
Our company is promoting all-electric standardization to achieve energy self-sufficiency. Eco Cute electric water heaters and induction cooking heaters are recommended.
Proposal-oriented contractor
At a cost that suits each individual
Having built a house has made life visibly more difficult… No one wants a life like that. We want people to lead affluent lives while preparing for the future without burdening the family finances. That is our wish.
Reasonably and efficiently
By offering rational renovation proposals, from floor plans that eliminate waste to high-efficiency equipment (including solar power generation) and interior design, we can propose renovations that reduce utility costs and offer high cost performance.

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