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Latest update: 27/09/2023 10:38:15

K.K. Fuji Kogyosho

Specialized kitchen equipment to meet various needs.

We develop and manufacture noodle kitchen equipment. We are developing innovative noodle cooking equipment that replaces cooking methods with automation and labor savings. We have developed a series of products based on the theme of compactness, and for almost all of our noodle boiling models, we offer a lineup that lets you choose between gas and electric boilers. All models are safe and reliable, and achieve industry-leading fuel efficiency. We aim to grow as a noodle kitchen pioneer with our unique technologies, including our pioneering in-house development of an industry-first, highly efficient blast burner.

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Sales Pitch

Reasons for choosing us
The spirit of a specialized manufacturer
(1) Robust construction with excellent durability!
Our Soba Kamado cooking stove for soba noodles is our representative specialized food equipment product, which has been used for many years by long-established shops. Thanks to our customers, we have been selected as a trusted brand for more than 60 years, and many of our products are now in use both in Japan and abroad.

(2) Ease of use by the person doing the cooking
With equipment used every day, building up a little ingenuity and creativity can make a big difference. Because our products will be used for a long time, the difference is seen in products that pay attention to the smallest details that cannot be described in a catalog.

(3) Noodle kitchen equipment as quality tools used by owner-chefs
Chefs who want to deliver delicious food to as many customers as possible! Our noodle kitchen equipment is for cooking ingredients beautifully and deliciously in optimal condition for chefs like these, and supports many kinds of noodle cooking.

(4) Noodle kitchen equipment supporting automation and labor saving with advanced technology
We will break away from traditional noodle cooking and its equipment, rethink old cooking methods, and downsize kitchen spaces because of soaring shop rents. And we will realize automation and labor-saving with simpler cooking operations with a minimum of personnel that are easier for everyone.

(5) A rich lineup of products to satisfy needs from small-scale to large-scale shops
Small-scale shops want to minimize opening costs, and ultra-compact kitchens with small capitalization are possible with as little as 5.6 square meters. For large-scale shops, we have a wide variety of innovative equipment that does not require physical strength, and we will get you up and running immediately with a lecture on automated equipment that takes about 30 minutes.
Product examples
Soba Kamado FZ-SDX1
A high-performance cooking stove for soba noodles made possible because we are a manufacturer specializing in cooking equipment for the noodle industry.
With our proven track record and trustworthiness of over 5,000 units sold in Japan, please give it a try.

Equipped with a high-flame gas blast burner
This blast burner is an ideal gas combustion system. Air is forced in for complete combustion. Its combustion temperature is 1.5 times higher than conventional models (blast: 1,400°C; Bunsen: 900°C). You will experience overwhelming super-level energy savings with maximum thermal efficiency.

Stepless flame control lever
The blast burner-equipped type has stepless flame control. High-quality fresh noodles are ideally cooked with exquisite heat control and convection.

Smooth operation with control box

Robust welding bonding
The flame bed of the soba noodle cooker reaches a high temperature of several hundred degrees. The robust molds are finished with reliable welding technology unique to a manufacturer specializing in kitchen equipment for the noodle industry. They can withstand metal fatigue caused by repetitive thermal expansion and contraction of the metal.
Noodle sink ice cold sink FS-14060BLFC
This multifunctional sink specializes in convenience, including an ice-cooled cooling tank that forms ice inside the sink and a blower jet tank that removes post-cooking heat and noodle slime immediately after boiling.
Use it in combination with a rectangular noodle boiler.

Blower jet tank
Equipped with a Jacuzzi-like blower jet system.
Remove post-cooking heat and slime from noodles, saving time up to finishing.

Electrically powered drainer elevating colander
The elevating colander, which is submerged in the cooling tank, automatically ascends and descends at the touch of a button.
This makes it free from the hard labor of handling noodles, which contain water and gain weight, and allows even people with little physical strength to work easily.

Ice-cooled cooling tank
The cooling tank is designed to be filled with ice.
Thoroughly chilled water gives noodles their firmness.

Cold shower
Built-in cold water tank. The clear, cold water coming out of the cold-water shower port makes noodles shiny and firm.
Use it as a finishing touch for noodles.
Fryer FT-400NC
Built-in burner with 9000 kcal/h power. The burner part is not exposed to the outside, so even if oil splashes, it does not adhere directly to the burner. This makes it safe and clean at all times.

Digital temperature sensor
An electronic temperature controller enables fine temperature control.

Overheating protection device and oil temperature sensor
The burner is equipped with a double safety mechanism that prevents the burner from igniting unless both the overheat protection device and oil temperature sensor are in the oil.

Dedicated tempura pot
The dedicated tempura pot can be easily removed for easy cleaning and oil replacement.
Noodle-making machine JF-401
The definitive version of an extrusion noodle-making machine!
Anyone can easily make Juwari-soba 100% buckwheat noodles.
Our uniquely developed mechanism suppresses frictional heat generation and does not spoil the flavor of buckwheat noodles.

It takes only 15 seconds from noodle making to boiling.
Easily make Juwari-soba 100% buckwheat noodles, with the ability to prepare 120 servings per hour.

All you have to do is set the measured buckwheat flour and water into the dedicated mixer and press the start button. Anyone can easily perform the difficult process of mixing the flour and water in about a minute.

Subdividing the dough
Simply subdivide and wrap the dough to complete the preparation.
Store in the refrigerator, then use at room temperature.

The Juwari-soba is pushed out as a noodle strip. The extruded soba can be easily cut to the preferred length.
Boiling time is 10 to 30 seconds

Washing and finishing
After careful washing and tightening in cold water, the flavorful, firm, and shiny Juwari-soba noodles are ready to be served. The process up to here takes about two minutes and requires no special skills at all.