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Latest update: 27/09/2023 10:38:14

Kokusai Interpreting Co., Ltd.

Our strength is rare languages! We offer a wide variety of languages from 190 countries around the world!

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Interpretation and translation services, tourist information, etc.
Interpretation services
Types of interpretation:
There are several different types of interpretation. Please choose the type of interpretation that best fits your situation.

Simultaneous interpretation
An interpreter listens to what a speaker is saying and interprets almost simultaneously. A minimum of two people will be dispatched, even for short periods of time.
 (Examples of use: International conferences, meetings, seminars, etc.)
Consecutive interpretation
A speaker is asked to speak in segments while speaking, and these are interpreted sequentially. Compared to simultaneous interpretation, it is more accurate, but twice as much time is required.
 (Examples of use: Presentations in a company, business negotiations, etc.)
This is a form of interpretation in which an interpreter whispers in a listener’s ear. If there are multiple listeners, dedicated microphones and receivers are used. Because this requires the same level of skill as simultaneous interpretation, a system with two people is preferable.
 (Examples of use: In situations where there are only a few people who need interpretation, such as in company meetings)

We can provide not only interpretation in Japan, but also online interpretation (interpretation using a remote call system).

We also have interpreters registered in various countries around the world, 
so we can accompany you on overseas inspection tours, attend overseas trade fairs, 
and provide interpretation for business negotiations overseas.
Translation services
Translation contents
Judicial, mechanical, semiconductor, electrical machinery, medical care, judgments, books, theses, abstracts, business documents, catalogs, pamphlets, instruction manuals, official copies of the family register, etc.

Our company’s translation services are provided by translators who are experts in specialized fields, 
including active physicians, university lecturers, and translators in all fields.
We offer translation services from Japanese to foreign languages and from foreign languages to Japanese, and also from foreign languages to other foreign languages.
Tourist information
We will help you with sightseeing and shopping around Osaka with a made-to-order plan just for you.
We have a large number of professional interpreter guides who hold the national “Interpreter Guide” qualification. Please feel free to consult us if you are worried about coming to Osaka for the first time as a tourist, if you want to buy good made-in-Japan products but don’t understand Japanese and want an interpreter to help you, or have any other needs. We have guides not only in Osaka but also in surrounding areas like Kyoto and Nara, and also throughout Japan. We can make arrangements if the conditions match.

We can also arrange our company’s tour guides for corporate incentive tours.

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