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Latest update: 27/09/2023 10:38:11

Pine Tech Inc.

We achieve high-precision processing with polishing technology and precision cutting

Our specialty is polishing technology and precision cutting, which we have cultivated through processing outer metal sleeves for magnetic rollers in the built-in parts of copiers. With the introduction of CAD/CAM, we handle from proposals to commercialization of original products that meet customer needs. We are also making use of our proposal strength to take on the challenge of electronic circuit board development and assembly processing.

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Business description
We mainly process parts for copiers, construction machinery, and agricultural machinery. With customer accuracy requirements increasing year by year, we supply stable quality. We are flexible about materials according to your needs, such as iron, aluminum, stainless steel, and Kovar.

Common lathe (ordinary lathe)
This is a lathe where processing is done by manually operating the handle while the operator checks the design drawings.
Since everything from material installation to processing is done by manual work, it is suitable for making single items with more complex structures than mass production, or for prototypes that are repeatedly fine-tuned during the production process.

NC lathes
NC stands for “Numerical Control,” so “NC lathes” are lathes with the addition of numerical control. By quantifying the movements of the cutter holder and machining conditions and recording them in a computer, machining can be performed almost automatically.
Since the movement of the cutter holder is numerically controlled, there is almost no error, so it also excels at mass production.
Bench lathes
Face lathes
Vertical lathes
Turret lathes
Grinding and centerless grinding
Grinding is performed using a whetstone as the final surface finishing process after lathing, milling, and heat treatment.
Cutting is a processing method that uses cutting tools to shave or drill holes in metal or other materials. The tool is applied to the material while rotating the material itself, or by rotating the tool side and applying it to the material.
We specialize in centerless grinding for short to medium lengths (1,000 mm or less) and provide high-precision finishes in terms of roundness, runout accuracy, and surface roughness.
Heat treatment
Heat treatment is a treatment method in which metals are heated above a certain temperature and then cooled to change their structure and properties to improve the material properties and abrasion resistance.
Various changes in structure and properties can be brought out by changing conditions such as the temperature and holding time of the applied heat, and the method and speed of cooling.
From design planning to processing and assembly
We offer proposals for original products covering from design planning to processing and assembly.
We cooperate with companies that possess a wealth of technology, and we can provide total proposals such as quenching and MC processing through collaboration.

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