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Latest update: 27/09/2023 10:38:12

Bron Electric K.K.

We provide products and services with our Transformer Division, which designs and manufactures power transformers and coils, and our System Equipment Division, which assembles equipment.

From design to prototyping and mass production of various transformers and coils
We provide switchboards for low voltage, control panel assembly, and electrical assembly fabrication

In addition, our technology participates in talk-down device systems that allow aircraft to land safely at airports.

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Products handled
Transformer Manufacturing Division
The following are special services: Cut-core transformers
For transformer designs where the capacity and size are limited, cut cores are used for the iron core. Cut-core transformers enable downsizing and weight reduction, and the iron loss value can be reduced by selecting the material. This expands the range of design options.

Molded transformers
For products that require high voltage, high insulation, or use in adverse environments, transformers are manufactured with resin molding. We can handle molds starting from one piece, so please consult us.

Demagnetizing equipment
This equipment is for demagnetizing magnetized material at the processing stage of cutting and polishing. We also produce planar shapes as shown in the photo, and cavity shapes that are demagnetized through the inside. We will tell you about our products.
Carbotech Division
Ceramic activated carbon (material)
This is a common material for various products.
Ceramic activated carbon is porous with more than 90% internal space and is extremely light, with a specific gravity of about 0.15.
It has functions for humidity control, water purification, deodorizing, fertilizer retention, and gas adsorption, and we make use of these functions to create products.

Carbonite under-floor and ceiling humidity control material
The properties of charcoal, such as humidity control, deodorization, and negative ion generation, improve the environment under the floor and in the ceiling. Place 10 bags per 3.3 square meters under the floor or in the ceiling. Each bag contains 7 liters. Installation is completed by simply putting the product in place.

Kore Dake de Jubun 2 (“That’s Just Enough 2”) soil conditioner
This is a combination of ceramic activated carbon, peat moss, vermiculite, humus, and natural organic fertilizer (bat guano) in excellent proportions. It is best used in flowerpots and planters, and should be mixed in gardening soil to about 15%. Plants will grow well, and gardening becomes more fun.

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