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Latest update: 19/09/2023 12:38:08

Emu Design K.K.

A design company that supports from planning and concept making

Business description and strengths
Emu Design is a design firm based in Higashi Ward, Nagoya City. 
For more than 15 years, we have been helping customers to “translate and visualize” their services and strengths.
Using our experience, we are involved in printing of logo marks and company brochures, as well as website production, etc., for customers in various industries.

We do not merely provide designs, but also specialize in planning and concept building, and offer proposals that take into account the ideals, goals, and branding strategies of customers. 
We are committed to communicating with and holding hearings with our customers. This is because we value the process of drawing out the thoughts and feelings that customers cannot express and creating the ideal form together.
As a result, we believe this leads to concepts and designs that maximize the strengths and uniqueness of our customers.

Main image

Sales Pitch

Overview and application examples of major products, technologies, goods, and services
Service Overview
CI and VI planning and branding tool production
(Concept make/VI tool design for logo marks, business cards, envelopes, etc./package design)
Planning and production related to advertising and sales promotion
(Corporate profiles / new hire guides / catalogs / brochures / public relations magazines / leaflets / flyers / DM / posters)
Planning, production and construction of web site
(Corporate / promotional / EC sites)
Spatial design
(Exhibition booth / Display / Signatures / store exterior/interior)
Planning and production of videos
(Promotion videos)

[Track record of awards and media coverage]
Winner of AICHI AD AWARD and Nagoya Nikkan Sports Shimbun Prize
Message from the CEO and President
Emu Design’s name comes from the emu, a relative of the ostrich.
The emu is a bird that cannot fly, but can only walk forward.
For this reason, it has the meaning of moving forward and is beloved as the national bird of Australia.
We at Emu Design place great importance on working together with our customers and partners to grow and move forward together, like the emu.

Design not only makes objects, colors and shapes look beautiful, it is an important factor that increases the value of products and services.
However, that is not the only role that design plays.

The origin of the word design is a Latin word meaning “to symbolize a plan”.
We believe that design is itself a plan for maximizing the attractiveness of products and services and communicating them effectively to customers.
We aim to contribute to society through our design work.
Past business results
Over 1,000 projects for national clients, local companies, educational institutions such as universities and vocational schools, as well as prefectural, municipal, and local governments
(Railways, electric power, travel agents, communications, automobile manufacturers, automobile dealers, cosmetics manufacturers, manufacturing, food makers, restaurants, transportation, real estate, construction, commercial facilities, beauty care, specialized services, etc.)

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