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Latest update: 27/09/2023 10:38:14

Biz Weather Co., Ltd.

Look up to the sky, and you will find something new in your business

We provide weather information services and weather-related consulting for corporate clients. Our weather information services are mainly for hotels, outdoor activities, ski resorts, and other tourism industry applications, and also for kindergartens, nursery schools, etc. The feature of our service is to convert (translate) weather forecasts into content that can be directly utilized in the field rather than simply forecasting the weather.

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For lodging facilities, three kinds of value through providing and proposing weather and disaster prevention information
Deepening relationships with guests (Hospitality)
A quality facility environment and content offerings, along with excellent service quality, are major factors in choosing lodging facilities, along with location.
To provide a comfortable place to relax for people who had been kept away due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and to encourage them to become fans and even repeat customers, we believe it is more important than ever to build deeper relationships with guests.
The advancement of weather and disaster prevention information is also being addressed as national tourism policy (“Tourism Policy for FY2021,” public agencies).
By utilizing weather data, it will also be possible to provide more detailed suggestions on itineraries, sightseeing destinations, places to eat, etc., for times of both good weather and bad weather.
The refreshing sunrise on the beach, the sunset on the horizon, and the starlit sky over the mountains and in low-light areas are also particularly special.
To deliver higher-quality service to guests than ever before, we also provide information so guests can fully enjoy experiences and views that make the most of the location.
Ensuring safety and security (Safety)
“There’s something strange with the weather these days.” 
Unprecedented temperatures and torrential rains exceeding past records have been occurring frequently in various regions. This has resulted in weather disasters that affect not only buildings but also human lives, such as flooding in urban areas and landslides on steep slopes.
There is an upward trend in the risk of disasters, and it would be no surprise if an unexpectedly severe disaster were to occur anywhere at any time.
Improvements such as the expansion and higher accuracy of various information to be used in disaster prevention and evacuation actions are being widely developed by the government and private sector, and the usefulness of such information is increasing more and more.
We provide information that will be helpful with disaster prevention and early evacuation actions.
Transforming and streamlining businesses (Transformation)
Among companies, 70% are aware that their business activities are affected by weather. While 30% of these companies are actually affected, only about 10% of them are actually utilizing weather data. Moreover, the reality is that most of them are relying on experience and intuition.
As the main reasons for this, analysis has shown that it is a lack of specialized personnel and not knowing how to utilize weather data.
(“Promoting the Utilization of Weather Data in the Industrial Sector,” Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, March 2021)
The utilization of weather data for business use has great hidden potential as a new perspective that can lead to transforming and further streamlining the operations of lodging facilities.
We not only propose the utilization of weather data in various business and operations activities, but also provide support to everyone involved in the business to make it take root.

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