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Latest update: 19/09/2023 12:38:06

Okhotsk Woodpia Cooperative

Provision of structural laminated timber made from Hokkaido trees

In addition to the production of structural laminated timber made from Hokkaido's karamatsu (Japanese larch) and todomatsu (Sakhalin fur), we are mainly producing CLT (cross-laminated timber), the only one in Hokkaido.
Small cross-laminated timber for residential use, special sizes for non-residential properties,
Large cross-section laminated wood is also available.

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Structural laminated timber
Structural laminated timber is a wooden material made by removing imperfections from dried boards called lamina and bonding them together. This makes timber that is superior in strength, dimensional stability and durability compared to natural wood. It is used not only for houses, but also for large non-residential wooden buildings and recently for high-rises.

Okhotsk Woodpia supports structural laminated timber of all sizes: large cross section, middle cross section and small cross section.
CLT (cross-laminated timber) is a wood-based material made by arranging sawn boards (lamina) so that the directions of the wood fibers intersect, then laminating and bonding the boards. They are large and thick boards, and are a new building material that is expected to be in demand for various purposes besides just structural materials for buildings.

*We are the only company in Hokkaido to acquire Japan Agricultural Standards (JAS) certification
Advantages of CLT
CLT contributes to decarbonization.
Compared to concrete and steel structures, CO2 emissions during manufacturing are lower.
Fixes carbon dioxide in the air as a building material
Contributes to effective use of thinned wood
Recyclable and reusable as a building material
Contributes to national land conservation by developing and fostering sound forests

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