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Latest update: 27/09/2023 10:38:10

Tomioka Co., Ltd.

Make music more enjoyable.

We sell musical instruments and music equipment, operate music classes, and plan music events. We also offer tuning and musical instrument repair and adjustment, rent out training rooms and halls, and sell soundproof rooms and tuning panels. Regarding the planning of music events, we provide support in the form of consultation on holding events, event management, arrangement of venues, etc. We have an especially strong record of events in Yamagata Prefecture.

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Sales Pitch

Service Introduction
Planning of music events
We provide comprehensive support according to the content of the planning and operation of music events. 
We hope that many people will be pleased with the power of music.
We hope that as many people as possible will be happy with the power of music.
How about you feel the power of music?
It's okay even if nothing has been decided specifically! We start by making a plan according to what the customer wants to do.
We provide comprehensive support according to the content of the planning and operation of music events.
Let's liven up the area together!
Sales and rental of musical instruments
New musical instruments
Tomioka is one of the biggest in the prefecture, and offers a variety of musical instruments.
If you actually want to see a musical instrument, instruments listed as “exhibited in-store” in the product information can be viewed at Tomioka.
Detailed information can be found on the respective manufacturer's brand website ( as well.
For other products, please feel free to contact us, as we will check the inventory and handling.

Used pianos
Tomioka also offers used pianos.
We have pianos in the style of various eras.

Instrument rentals
It is okay even if you don't have musical instruments. Tomioka also rents musical instruments.
We also rent musical instruments and audio equipment at events.
Piano tuning and repair
Acoustic pianos allow rich and delicate expressions by touch and tone.
While it is a delicate instrument that varies with temperature, humidity, and playing volume, periodic inspection and adjustment, or “tuning,” is essential to make full use of its characteristics to produce beautiful sounds.
All of our tuners are certified as piano technicians, which is a national certification, and are usually in charge of piano tuning at major concert halls in the prefecture.
We also communicate with our customers about the sound that they desire, such as “bright sounds and calm sounds.”
We also offer repairs to pianos at all times, so please let us know your condition.

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