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For the Dish Inc.

We design more delicious, safer ingredients from seeds

As a fruit and vegetable wholesale company with its roots in Taneya, we provide highly safe and rare agricultural products by leveraging our network of over 10,000 producers. From restaurants, department stores, and quality-oriented retailers to manufacturers that anticipate high-volume consumption, we will customize and sell products at the request of customers.

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Sales Pitch

Business description
Wholesale of fruits and vegetables to vendors
With the strength of having a seed company as a backbone and a pipeline to producers all over the country, since we can be involved from the planting planning stage, we are able to provide a stable supply of constant quality and volume.

Specific operations
Proposal of new varieties and popular varieties for retailers such as supermarkets
Suggestions for varieties with a particular focus on taste for restaurant operators
Proposals for processors to improve production efficiency by changing product types
Purchase of fruits and vegetables from producers
We have a wealth of customers, so we support producers' stable agricultural management.

Specific operations
Proposals from planting plans for varieties that meet the needs of actual consumers
Purchase securing sales destinations from people who say, “It's delicious but it doesn't sell...”
Consumer-producer coordination
Our strengths are that we not only buy the crops that have been made, but we are familiar with the information of the seeds and are involved in the planting process. Feel free to consult with us if you have any problems, such as “Wanting a variety at a certain time" or “Looking for a high value-added variety.”

Specific operations
Proposing varieties and securing production sites that meet the needs of actual consumers
Proposal of varieties to producers looking for highly profitable crops
Business description and strengths
We customize for sale the quality and distribution of Japanese agricultural products according to customer requests.
We are Japan’s only fruit and vegetable wholesale company rooted in Taneya (a sales company for seeds, seedlings and agricultural materials).
Over the past 70 years, we have worked with producers throughout Japan to produce vegetables and fruits, and the number of producers exceeds 10,000.
In particular, Ibaraki Prefecture, where we are based, is a major production area supplying agricultural products to big cities such as Tokyo as a pantry for Japanese food.
Overview and application examples of major products, technologies, goods, and services
Main business description
1. Information provision and sales of relatively new agricultural products (varieties) in Japan
2. Information provision and sales of agricultural products not yet available in the Japanese market
3. Sales of Japanese agricultural products that meet our own cultivation standards
4. Creation of original Japanese fields unique to customers
5. Sales of agricultural products in response to climate change
6. Sales coordination at the desired quantity, quality, and timing
7. Sales of agricultural products showing the face of the producer
8. Sales of agricultural products with recipes for Japanese agricultural products
We coordinate to provide high-quality Japanese vegetables that are difficult to obtain overseas to meet business needs.
1) We offer products that cover the quality demanded by customers by making full use of high-level cultivation methods that meet the high standards of Japan.
2) We deliver Ibaraki (which has the second largest production in Japan) brand vegetables from the Japanese brand, which boasts the highest ranking in the world.
3) We deliver Japanese vegetables, which are difficult to obtain overseas, to customers (manufacturers, major volume sellers, etc.) who are anticipating mass consumption, in a stable quality and quantity.
4) We offer high-quality vegetables, fruits, and processed produce to customers (restaurants, department stores, and quality-oriented retailers) who demand rare value.
This produce can’t be made without the pursuit of deliciousness and special technology.

Unlike ordinary fruit and vegetable wholesalers, we have built strong teams with producers. In order to customize according to customers’ requests, we will listen to their requests and assemble appropriate service.

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