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Latest update: 19/09/2023 12:38:12

Ito Electricity K.K.

We are committed to the creation of comfortable electrical equipment that takes into account safety, security, and the environment.

From general electric work to design, construction, and maintenance of large-scale private-sector electrical work, we are engaged in a wide range of operations for many people having trouble with electricity. We handle all types of machine design, manufacturing, construction, installation, and electrical work. We can also make abrupt responses. We can take a set of orders for demolition work, plant work, heavy construction and soil work.

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About Ito Electricity
Services handled
Outlet work
We increase outlets, install new outlets, and change voltage.

Lighting installation construction
We install efficient lighting fixtures to meet your needs

Construction of neon facilities
We install neon signs that light up in various colors.

Lead-in line work
We install lead-in lines to make electricity available

Traffic signal installation work
We install traffic signals

Lightning rod construction
We do construction to avoid lightning damage

Electric corrosion protection work
We let electricity flow through the metal parts of buildings to prevent corrosion.

Demolition work
We carefully respond to local residents and facilities, and do thorough safety and security management at the site.

Plant construction
We respond from the perspective of the field to make plants safer and more convenient

Heavy construction work
We deliver in units of millimeters for installation of any equipment.

Civil engineering works
We strive to respond flexibly, proactively, and promptly.
Installed machinery and equipment
5-side machining center
The 5-side machining center is a portal machining center equipped with a universal head (replaceable turning tool). By changing the angle of the spindle to 30° or 90°, it can machine 5 sides of the workpiece: all sides (4 sides) and the top (1 side). Machining time can be greatly reduced because large workpieces can be machined without setup (replacement).

Large lathe Yamazaki MAZAK-30
(Able to process up to 5 m shaft length and 540 mm shaft diameter)
General-purpose lathe Yamazaki MAZAK6L12
Horizontal shaft machine KURAKI KBT-1003W
General-purpose milling machine OKK MH-3V II
Key Seater TK70 (can process up to 35 mm width of broach)
Radial drilling machine TR-4B
Arc welders
Argon welders
Semiautomatic welders
Polishing machines
100 ton press
2.8 ton overhead travelling crane (2 units)
Various hoists
2 ton Battery Forklift KOMATSU Mast 4 m

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