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Kamitujien Co., Ltd.

250 years of working with tea

A tea manufacturer in Ujitawara-cho, Kyoto City, the birthplace of green tea. Taking advantage of our inherited traditional techniques, we carefully select delicious tea so we can deliver tea featuring a soft flavor, such as tea leaves, tea bag products, powder, matcha, and healthy tea. We also offer a variety of commercial and processed products. We also offer OEM. Our 10th generation tea master creates our own unique teas.

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Uji, Kyoto Kamitujien
About Kamitujien
We have been working with tea for about 250 years, since the first generation Sadaemon.
We began production as tea farmers in Okuyamada, Ujitawara-cho, Kyoto, where green tea originated. Each generation of the farm owners has been proud to offer delicious tea using the traditional techniques that have been passed down over our long history.

When you put passion into something, people can tell
While the times have changed, our passion for tea has remained unchanged since our founding, and we help you enjoy a moment of peace with tea at any time.

Tea in a plastic bottle can quench your thirst, but tea brewed in a teapot can comfort your heart.
We would like to deliver delicious tea with sincerity to many people.

Tea House winner of the “Kyo-no-Shinise Hyosho”
For more than 100 years in Kyoto Prefecture, we have steadfastly adhered to the philosophy of our family business and inherited traditional techniques and business practices, becoming a model for other companies, for which we have won the “Kyo-no-Shinise Hyosho” (Kyoto Long Established Business Award).
About tea
We began tea making in Ujitawara-cho, Tsuzuki District, Kyoto Prefecture, an area well-suited to tea cultivation, and have cultivated high-quality tea leaves for many years.
High-quality tea leaves can grow thanks to the climate with a large temperature difference between morning and evening, fog in the valleys of the mountains, pure water and good soil, and clean, clear air.
We deliver tea with a delicious flavor that is unique to the Uji production area and has a soft flavor.
Carefully selected tea
Tea carefully selected by Sadaemon, the 10th Generation Tea Master of Kamitujien
Using traditional skills passed down through 250 years of working with tea, the 10th Generation Tea Master selects “honmamon” (truly delicious tea).

Tea leaves (gyokuro, sencha, hojicha, genmaicha, etc.)
Tea Bag Products
Powder (gyokuro, ryokucha, hojicha, genmaicha, etc.)
Matcha (for tea ceremonies, for processing)
Health teas

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