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Latest update: 19/09/2023 12:38:10

Kitakyushu Kosan Co., Ltd.

Supply of auxiliary materials for power distribution boards and equipment to customers as a bridge with manufacturers

We are a trading company that sells auxiliary materials for power distribution boards and equipment. We do business with a large number of customers, in the food industry, railway industry, and various manufacturers in all areas of Kyushu and Yamaguchi Prefecture (to the vicinity of Ube City). Our domestic operations include wholesale, plant and equipment construction, centering on sales of electrical materials and equipment, sales of factory consumables to end users, and sales of software to manufacturers of power distribution boards. Overseas, we import and sell processed metal products, assembly products, and resin and various metal materials from Taiwan, export and sell products with Japanese technological capabilities, and sell off-the-shelf products handled by our domestic operations.

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Sales Pitch

Domestic Operations
Power distribution control equipment
As a bridge between customers and manufacturers, we deliver superior products to a wide range of industries.
Accessory parts for panels
Crimping terminals and connectors
Terminal blocks
Terminal treatment material
Cable ties
Wiring ducts
Rubber and packing products
Piping and electrical equipment materials
Heat exchangers for panels
Work tools
Insulating tubes
Wire harness processing
Copper strip processing, etc.
Labor-saving equipment mechatronics
Cargo handling and transportation equipment
Bicycle parking management systems
Pneumatic equipment
Hydraulic equipment
Electromagnetic clutches and brakes
Conductive equipment
Speed changer
Electric/pneumatic tools
Cutting tools
Motors, fans, pumps
Automation and control equipment, etc.
Equipment construction
LED lighting construction
Air conditioner construction
Elevator installation work, etc.
Overseas business
We solve your problems
We can do bulk management of products!
We have worked with numerous outstanding partner companies, involving foundries, extruded products, machining products, and CNC products.
We can deliver after completing the process requested by the customer, including materials, processing, and assembly, which are impossible for processing companies in Japan or overseas.

We can do coating and incorporate Japanese domestic coating agents and greases into products!
We have a large number of coating agents, greases, etc. that are distributed only in Japan. We responsibly supply items that cannot be changed on drawings to our overseas partner companies. After coating a product and incorporating it, we can re-import it and deliver it after completing the process requested by the customer.
Proposals for overseas procurement
1. Quotation and Request for Development
Joint operations are carried out by Japanese and local staff who are also very familiar with development.

2. Examination of drawings and development details
We support various JIS standards.
Our staff supports everything from development to mass production, and we provide development support through local staff and partner manufacturers. We select local processing companies suitable for the product content and required level.

3. Starting trial production (Taiwanese company with technology and vitality)
We achieve reliable quality with feedback and dialog on the content of production and processing.
We check the development status and coordinate mutual plans.

4. Full support from prototype completion, evaluation, verification, and certified T1 prototyping to mold certification and product certification.

Real-time teleconferencing is also possible in Japan, for example, when promptly confirming molds, tolerances, etc.
We also fully implement on-site inspections and plant audits.

5. Introduction of mass production (quality control and delivery time control)
We have put in place a mass production system based on production and delivery plans.
Our local staff do confirmation and inspection before shipment.

6. Establishment of a stable production and quality assurance system
We do process control in cooperation with production sites through quick, real-time response.

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