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Latest update: 19/09/2023 12:38:10

Interior Kawai K.K.

Interior coordination and interior renovation: Creation of comfortable spaces with technology and gentleness

We design and build interior spaces. We also do interior total coordination and various renovation work, covering a wide range of welfare facilities, hospitals, restaurants, and general homes. In addition to making a beautiful finish, we propose construction that combines functionality according to the purpose. We also offer an interior finishing service by a female artisan, the first in the industry.

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Sales Pitch

Service description
Reliable after-sales service
Interiors decorations are consumables. The more you use them, the more dirty or damaged they become. Maintenance is important for long and comfortable use of them. Interior Kawai carries out regular maintenance and other activities tailored to customer needs.
1. We conduct regular inspections according to requests
2. We manage construction history with a database
3. We provide information leading to improved business performance
4. We repair small scratches
Our company’s trustworthy technology
Interior Kawai is working to educate artisans based on its Human Resources Development Policy, which calls for “reliable skills and trustworthy personality.” Our employees and experienced specialist artisans are available to provide construction work that is safe and reliable at any time.
In addition to responding to customers' needs at different times, we also pay careful attention to neighborhoods, such as parking, greetings, and cleaning.
Sense of speed
We respond quickly to sudden damage, dirt, and minor construction of interior decoration. Peeling off or breaking of flooring may lead to the customer falling, requiring immediate action. Interior Kawai handles the initial service within one business day of an inquiry. We propose the best products and services to suit the situation and needs of our customers.
The Nadeshiko Team of craftswomen
We also offer an interior finishing service by craftswomen, the first in the industry.
The Nadeshiko Team, craftswomen with a motto of meticulous attention to detail, debuted in January 2019!
In January 2019, Interior Kawai K.K., the interior and renovation specialists, launched an interior finishing service by the Nadeshiko Team, craftswomen whose motto is to use the sense and attention of women as a company that promotes the empowerment of women and the advancement of women in the interior industry.

The Nadeshiko Team of craftswomen is born from the opinions of customers!
Based on the opinions received from facility managers of social welfare facilities and nursing care facilities (e.g. craftsmen are unfriendly and a little scary, there is an atmosphere that makes them difficult to consult with, etc.), we formed the Nadeshiko Team to recruit and train craftswomen, in order to provide a service that removes the psychological anxiety of managers and residents, listens carefully to their requests, and creates attractive rooms together.

The appeal of Nadeshiko Team
By adding more value than ever to conventional interior finishing services, we lead to improved customer satisfaction.

Service content: Proposal of indoor spaces, replacement of wallpaper, replacement of flooring, repair of windows and ceilings, cleaning, disinfection and deodorization of indoor spaces, etc.

1. Careful attention to detail
We always look around and give priority to the lifestyles of tenants.

2. Always open to consultations
We always speak and respond with a smile so that you can feel free to speak with us.

3. Meticulous work
In addition to the duties requested, we meticulously manage access and tools.

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