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Latest update: 19/09/2023 12:38:04

Usami Reiki K.K.

Proposal and provision of freezing and refrigeration equipment, showcase equipment, and air conditioning and ventilation equipment

We design, install, and manage freezing and refrigerating equipment, showcase equipment, and air conditioning and ventilation equipment. In terms of freezing and refrigerating equipment, we install large prefabricated freezers and refrigerators in distribution warehouses and food factories, as well as call tables and quick freezers in restaurant kitchens. In terms of air-conditioning and ventilation equipment, we install air-conditioning/ventilation and air-making machines to commercial facilities, residences, and offices.

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Business overview
Design and construction management of freezing and refrigeration equipment
Refrigeration and freezing equipment
This is equipment for freezing and refrigerating goods in buildings such as factories, kitchens, and supermarkets. In order to thoroughly manage temperature and humidity, we offer proposals tailored to the needs and locations of our customers. The size of the equipment can also be customized, so please consult with us.

If the freezer or refrigeration unit breaks down, the quality of products may be harmed, leading to serious damage. By doing periodic maintenance, the performance of the equipment can be maintained. Please inform us of your requests for maintenance.

Environmentally friendliness
A large amount of CFCs are used in commercial freezers, refrigerators, and air conditioners. To protect the environment, CFC gas must be recovered and destroyed appropriately by registered contractors. Also, if the freezer or refrigerator is cooling poorly, there is a possibility that CFC gas is leaking. Ask for inspection and repair.
Design and construction management of showcase facilities
Showcase facility construction
We are able to accommodate new showcases and repairs at large supermarkets. Feel free to consult with us about lighting to make the food look more delicious. We will give advice on how to choose and the points of installation.

Repair and maintenance
If a showcase malfunction occurs, the quality of the displayed product will be severely damaged. If you feel anything strange, please ask us for repair and maintenance as soon as possible. We deliver high-quality, speedy responses.

Types of showcases
Reach-in showcases
Multistage showcases
Semi-multistage showcases
Flat showcases
Face-to-face showcases
Various built-in showcases
Design and construction management of air conditioning and ventilation equipment
Packaged air conditioner
Commercial-use packaged air conditioners have superior cooling and heating capabilities compared to home-use air conditioners. Since they are divided for use in office stores and buildings, it is necessary to select a model that matches the installation location.

Residential air conditioners
Residential air conditioners are sold to housing manufacturers, and are different in format from those sold at home electronics volume sellers. They often have simple functions, and are recommended for those who want to buy at a low price.

Air purifiers and indoor equipment
For a comfortable indoor space, we also recommend an air purifier for indoor use. Combined with functions such as sterilization and deodorization, we will guide you through the functions and sizes that suit the installation location.

Control equipment
This machine monitors and controls air-conditioning equipment throughout the building. A high-performance program is installed to automatically adjust the temperature and humidity, and to operate the boiler safely.

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