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Real information on business and investment in Thailand and the ASEAN region

With a focus on market research in the ASEAN region, especially in Thailand, we are involved in supporting overseas expansion by Japanese companies. Over 17 years of experience in market research in Thailand, we have conducted more than 80 surveys annually in a wide range of industries, including agriculture, manufacturing, and services. In addition to market research, we also support company establishment, translation agency, M&A and overseas inspection consulting.

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Market research and trend analysis
We conduct market research in a wide range of industries, from agriculture to manufacturing and services. We can conduct both quantitative and qualitative research, including consumer business, corporate business, and market size decisions. Especially in Thailand, not only is it attractive to the manufacturing industry, but the market for general consumers is growing.
[Example of market surveys in Thailand]
Survey of the carbon dioxide market (Japanese chemical manufacturers)
Sales of pharmaceutical wholesalers (Japanese pharmaceutical wholesalers)
Survey of the automotive parts market (Japanese automotive turbocharger manufacturer)
Automotive brand image interview survey (Japanese automakers)
ISP: Survey of internet service provider market (Japanese telecommunications service)
Data center market survey (Japanese data centers)
Survey of bread baking market (Japanese bakery manufacturers)
Market survey for smart meters (Japanese electrical equipment manufacturers)
Market survey of cram schools (Japanese cram school services)
Industrial park market survey (Japanese real estate development)

We have a strong track record of lectures on overseas markets, and our clients range from major banks, to trading companies, Japanese SMEs, and government agencies.
Company establishment & translation agency
Company establishment, corporate registration and translation services in Thailand.

M&A business acquisitions and alliance consulting
We support market surveys by joint venture companies that will be Thai local partners, as well as joint venture negotiations, setting up meetings, summarizing the progress of negotiations, discussing joint venture agreements, and starting joint ventures.

Overseas inspection consulting
During visits to Thailand, we arrange appointments for interviews with local companies, business negotiations, meetings and negotiations, and feedback on the contents of the meetings.