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Latest update: 19/09/2023 12:38:03

REP Co., Ltd.

Lifestyle-related general merchandise that emphasizes "warmth, gentleness and harmony with nature"

We plan, produce, import, export, and sell household goods. In addition to a wide variety of shopping carts, we sell a series of bags such as cold-insulating regi-cycle bags, cold-insulating tote bags, and 2WAY lunch bags, as well as apron series that offer comfortable lifestyles ranging from casual to feminine, kitchen cloth and rag mats, and bath mats, all of which make life more enjoyable and colorful.

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Sales Pitch

Introduction of the brand
This is a shopping cart brand.
It has a refrigeration (heat insulation) function that allows a large volume of 40 liters of luggage to be stored and transported easily. Useful functions are provided even for the most detailed parts.

Brand concept
It was born out of the desire to resolve the inconvenience and complaints of shopping.
With the COCORO Shopping Cart, you can easily carry a small amount of food while keeping it fresh. Everyone wants to increase the number of happy events in their life. This is certainly a shortcut to fun.

Light and durable! Can hold up to 20 kg load.
It is very light because it uses a steel frame.
It has a load capacity of 20 kg, so you can use it safely to go shopping for heavy drinks and rice.

Cold insulation (heat insulation) function
The inside of the bag is covered with aluminum vapor deposited sheet.
The mouth can be squeezed with a string, so it keeps the freshness.

Large capacity of 40 L
Because it can store a lot,
It's also ideal for bulk buying and small outings.

Stable movement with large tires
Since the tires have a large diameter of approximately 15 cm, it is possible to move stably even if the load is heavy.
The wheels can also be removed.

It is easy to fold and replace the bag
It can be folded and stored compactly when not in use.
You can also replace the bag as you like.
This is an apron brand.
Priced affordably at ¥1,200, it's woven from Indian cotton with good quality, so you can wear it every day for a long time. We also offer a wide range of variations.

Brand concept
The brand “habituel” means “ordinary” in French.
The concept is a design that is easy to use on a daily basis, and it is made tough because it uses fabric that is firmly woven with good quality Indian cotton.
A brand of lifestyle wear.
Heartfelt excitement, more fun, and more freedom. The partner for your lifestyle, kumppani. This is a lifestyle wear series that makes for a fun day every time.

Brand concept
What is the relationship between products and people?
A product for life that can be used for a long time without tiring of it
Comfortable for oneself
We deliver partners for your lifestyle that will get you excited.

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