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Latest update: 19/09/2023 12:38:03

NIPPO Co., Ltd.

We will continue to move forward for tomorrow's surveying world.

We conduct surveying projects for government offices and private companies. We conduct control point surveys and site surveys for public works carried out by government agencies, and conduct surveys for construction work by private companies. We use GPS surveying, academic GPS analysis software, and network-type RTK-GPS as surveying technologies. Our mission is to provide our customers with reliable satellite positioning data using more accurate technology.

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Company Introduction
Business description
We do the following work as our main business.
Control point surveys, level surveys, ground fluctuation surveys, topographic surveys
Cross-sectional surveys, site surveys, route surveys, photographic surveys
Registry surveys, border confirmation surveys, construction surveys, etc.
Technology overview
GPS surveying
GPS (Global Positioning System) is a constellation of satellites that orbit at an altitude of 2 km. This system allows you to accurately locate yourself by receiving radio waves from the satellites wherever you are on Earth. GPS is also used in car navigation systems and mobile phones, and GPS surveying uses a method that can obtain positions with even higher accuracy, and can determine positions with accuracy in millimeters. Static surveying usually involves one to two hours of observation, but long-distance baselines can also be analyzed using more than six hours of observation and academic GPS precision baseline analysis software. Sequential observations of 7 to 10 days are required for detection of crustal deformation on a sub-millimeter scale.

Academic GPS analysis software
We use GAMIT (developed jointly by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the Scripps Institution of Oceanography in the United States) and Bernese (developed mainly by the University of Bern in Switzerland) as analysis software. Scientific software used by researchers around the world to detect geodesic and crustal deformation. In addition to location information, satellite orbit parameters and meteorological parameters can be calculated with high accuracy. By analyzing GPS data with higher accuracy, it can be widely used for surveying applications and GIS (Geographic Information System).

Networked RTK-GPS
The networked RTK-GPS is a surveying method that uses real-time data of electronic reference points at a distance of about 30 km to 70 km to obtain a high-precision position in a short time. There are two types of networked RTK-GPS surveying: the VRS method and the FKP method, whose accuracy has been confirmed by demonstration experiments. We use PAS employing the FKP method. The networked RTK-GPS can be used for one person surveys, and the coordinates can be determined in about 10 minutes (depending on the location) from the installation to the end of observation, so the work can be carried out efficiently.

Leveling refers to the measurement of the relative elevation (height difference) between two points using a level and leveling rod. The photograph shows the observation of precision leveling using an electronic level. An electronic level is a level that automatically reads a leveling rod using a bar code and CCD, so there are no artificial reading errors. The atmospheric refractive index error in the earth boundary layer is also small, and the class 1 electronic level can be read up to 0.01 mm. A precision level (class 1 level) is required to be extremely precise, with 2.5 mm for the round-trip difference per kilometer.

Gyro surveying
Gyro is a frame supported by three axes perpendicular to each other. The rotational axis of a gyro (frame) that rotates at high speed always points to a point in the sky. The axis of rotation is ultimately stabilized in the meridional direction due to the earth’s rotation. Gyro surveying refers to the task of determining the direction of the north and measuring the direction using the properties of this gyro. Surveying in tunnels differs from work above ground, in that it is difficult to determine the direction because the surrounding survey points cannot be seen, so we will accurately determine the tunnel excavation direction while determining the north direction with the autogyro.

Plummet instrument
A plummet instrument is a device that can be positioned correctly by collimating a measuring point with a telescope that can see directly above and below. It is used to drop a point on the ground several tens of meters below.
Achievements of government agencies
Fiscal 2022
Regional Level Survey on Disaster Prevention Measures (Higashi-Izu District)
Regional Level Survey on Disaster Prevention Measures (Kinan District)
Leveling Survey (Kanoya District) (Investigation and examination of 3D point group data development)
GNSS Survey (West Japan District) (Investigation and examination of 3D point group data development)
GNSS Survey (Kinki District) (Investigation and examination of 3D point group data development)
GNSS Survey (Osaki, Kagoshima Prefecture District) (Investigation and examination of 3D point group data development)
R4 Yokohama Shonan Road Surveying Service
Establishment of land for Tachibana Park and preparation of registered books [Kawasaki City]
FY 2022 Kawasaki City land survey precise leveling contract [Kawasaki City]
FY2022 Auxiliary No. 29 line and Auxiliary No. 46 line and Auxiliary No. 120 line site supplementary survey (unit price contract) [Tokyo Metropolitan Government]
Leveling surveying contract [Tokyo Metropolitan Government]
FY 2022 Tokyo waste disposal site aerospace survey and other survey contract [Tokyo Metropolitan Government]
Survey contract (unit price contract) for public works projects Part II [Inagi City]
Enforcement of Inagi City (Enokido, Yanokuchi, Minami Tama, and Inagi Naganuma) district installation surveying and other work (unit price contract R04-1) [Tokyo Urban Planning and Development Corporation]
Enforcement of Inagi City (Enokido, Yanokuchi, Minami Tama, and Inagi Naganuma) district installation surveying and other work (unit price contract R04-2) [Tokyo Urban Planning and Development Corporation]
Support work for “Survey to create design materials for approach methods compatible with the advancement of satellite navigation services” [Japan Radio Air Navigation Systems Association]
Private-sector performance
Fiscal 2022
Construction of Hakone Volcano Eruption Monitoring System (Integrated Analysis of SAR and GNSS Data)
Construction of a large-scale embankment development monitoring system in Kawasaki City (integrated analysis of SAR data and GNSS data)
Construction of a management system based on absolute coordinates of the rocket launch site
Planning of the reflection point installation of satellite SAR at Davao Airport, Philippines
Establishment of an airport coordinate management system in the Philippines
Construction of ITRF2020 World Geodetic System and PRS92 Coordinate System Interconversion System in the Philippines
Construction of the Linear Chuo Shinkansen Construction Management System
Property management (land and facilities) GIS construction business site management paperless database creation work 3
Surveying work associated with the implementation and design work of ground maintenance work at Yamato Senior High School
Precision surveying of reference points before removal of the Koganei telescope
Asahi Onkai Road No.11 Tunnel Construction Inspection Survey

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