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Latest update: 27/09/2023 10:38:09

HapInS K.K.

Armed with technology, we are fully committed to the growth of our customers' businesses.

Rather than simply developing systems, we have set our goal as considering and proposing together what we need to make the greatest commitment to our customers' business growth.
In particular, we recommend lab-type development, and we can flexibly carry out the necessary development according to the phase, rather than development that is tied to the content determined at the time of the contract.
We have strengths in MVP development and DX development that are suitable for projects with requirements.
We would like to discuss each time whether the function is really necessary for business and proceed with development.

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Business description
IT Solution Service
This is an IT solution service for customers who need to respond to a rapidly changing business environment by fully utilizing the technological and creative capabilities we have accumulated to date.

Rather than simply developing a system that meets the needs of our customers, we will discuss together an optimal solution based on the business environment in which the customer is working, and build a system that contributes the most to the growth of the business.

You want to streamline the entire business and focus on core operations.
You want to eliminate labor shortages by introducing a system.
You can't find a system that fits your business model or business process.
You want to renew your internal system.
You want to repair the system you are currently using, but can't contact the developer.
You have an image of a system that can solve problems, but it is difficult to realize it.
You want to improve customer satisfaction while reducing costs.
You can't find a company that can do the development with the desired specifications.

If you have these concerns, leave it to HapIns IT solution service!
System engineering services
This is an engineering service for companies that need development resources amid a growing shortage of IT personnel.
By welcoming a CTO, which is rare for a company engaged in the SES business, we are building a strong organization that achieves overwhelming growth.

In addition to our full-time engineers, we will support the development of our customers together with freelance engineers who have built relationships with Freelance Life Partners.
Example of development
1. MVP development using blockchain
We developed a music copyright management service as a new business for a major power company with a music-related company.
Development Type: MVP Development
Development cost: Approx. ¥3 million
Development period: Approx. 3.2 months
Operating expenses: approx. ¥0/month*
   *Operates only during MVP period. Included in development cost

2. DX development with no/low code
We developed a contract/billing management system and succeeded in semi-automating contract/billing operations, reducing work hours by 80%.
Development Type: DX Development
Development cost: Approx. ¥2 million
Development period: Approx. 2.2 months
Operating expenses: approx. ¥10,000/month*
   *As server/license cost

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