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Latest update: 19/09/2023 12:38:04

Kimura Kensetsu Co., Ltd.

Considering Japanese housing through the four seasons

From our base in Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture, we build condominiums, custom-built homes, and commercial facilities. For more than 50 years since our founding, we have drawn on the appeal of the natural materials wood and earth to design and propose housing using advanced technologies in traditional methods. We apply our traditional artisan spirit and uncompromising craftsmanship in every corner of the home. We offer a wide range of new housing, renovation, and land development. In response to the needs of our customers, we are working to create homes that are unique to our company and are born through the integration of design and construction.

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Building homes unique to our company.
We pay the closest attention to structural materials, and make it extremely thick.
Above all, in a post-structured house, it is important to have a framework. The structural materials that make up the framework should not be weak. For customers who want to care for their homes, we are paying attention to the selection of lumber above all other factors, such as the materials, quality, and thickness of the parts. When the building is built, the trust placed in our company by our customers will surely become stronger.
Strong, earthquake-resistant, wind-resistant construction
Compared to conventional wooden houses, it has outstanding earthquake resistance and wind resistance, and the floor of the second story is a unique structure with plywood laid on the entire surface. By using this system, not only earthquake resistance and wind resistance, but also floor noise is eliminated, and the heat insulation effect is also enhanced, resulting in a more comfortable life.
Anti-corrosion and anti-termite treatment under the floor
For the first floor structural flooring of the foundation, which is important for houses, we do anti-corrosion and anti-termite treatment to prevent damage to the house. In addition to construction, we also do earthwork within the underfloor foundation and earthwork within 1 meter outside the foundation, so you can rest assured that you can use it for many years. In addition, sufficient consideration was given to ventilation under the floor without relying only on anti-corrosion treatment. The number and size of the ventilation openings in the underfloor are also well considered, and it is designed to have sufficient ventilation and increase the moisture-proof effect.
Mud walls for the walls
Shikoku, especially Kagawa Prefecture on Seto Inland Sea side, is constantly damp and moist. The wall structure that can best cope with this phenomenon is a mud wall construction method unique to Kagawa Prefecture. The biggest advantage of mud walls is spontaneous respiration, in which the mud itself absorbs and releases moisture, depending on the humidity in the air. It is possible to prevent mold from condensation and moisture in the rainy season and winter, and to enjoy a more comfortable life. In addition to its moisture-proof effect, it also has a high sound-proof and heat-insulating effect, and mud walls are truly an ideal wall material unique to Japan.
Insulating material for the ceiling
In order to cope sufficiently with hot weather in midsummer and cold winters, we apply insulation to the ceilings so that it can be used comfortably throughout the year. In terms of air-conditioning efficiency, it is economical to make the insulation material thicker, and it is expected to produce a sound-proof effect, resulting in a double effect.
Easy to expand and renovate
A house is a place where you can be very comfortable for many years. Before building a house, it is important to create a house tailored to your lifestyle. However, lifestyles change little by little coinciding with changes in age and society. It is difficult for people to live out of alignment with the house they have built. In such a case, extension and reconstruction are required. In this regard, the full-scale wooden houses of Kimura Kensetsu are easy to expand and renovate, so you feel relieved.
Implementation cases
Two-story and three-story
A “family-friendly house” with beautiful contrast between wood grain and white <Wooden shaft construction method>
Beautiful grain of wood gives comfort
The appearance of the 1st and 2nd floors, with different volumes, created a sense of liveliness and stability. The entrance where the beautiful grain of wood catches your eyes gently welcomes your family. With the living room, dining room, and kitchen at the center, the entrance area and plumbing are lined up on the left and right, and the floor plan focuses on ease of use and streamlined flow to support daily life. The tatami mat corner, which is also visible from the kitchen, is a raised seating area and can be used for all kinds of purposes, such as sitting down to relax or serving as a play area for children. The interior is made of white, gray and wood grain-accented, calm colors, giving you peace of mind day to day.
One-story house
Simple and comfortable one-story building <Wooden shaft construction method>
It is a one-storied house with a black outer wall and red cedar at the entrance that accentuates it.
In spring, cherry blossoms, which are symbolic trees, are in full bloom. The Husband is particular about his garages, which is connected to the living space, and it is within a distance where he can appreciate his precious car at any time.
This gives a sense of security.
The garage is also connected to the interior, so they can move smoothly even on rainy days or when they have large luggage.
Innovations are made for the wife's carefully considered housekeeping flow, and to hide the lived-in feel of the utility closet and pantry.
And from the spacious garden, it can take in enough outside light into the room from the window, so it can be used as an extension of the living room while maintaining a sense of privacy with a wooden fence.
This makes for a lovely house where they can spend their time comfortably while spending their time well.
Independent home Kokubun (renovation of old folk houses) <Wooden shaft construction method>
We have completed a new facility located on a hill in Kokubunji-cho, Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture, where we renovated an old folk house built more than 100 years ago.
This old folk house is a distinctive building in which the skills of carpenters, plasterers, and roof tiles at that time remain intact, and main pillars and beams of sizes that cannot be seen today are used abundantly.
Almost everything except the structural materials and exterior walls was replaced in order to add the necessary functions of new facilities while preserving the feelings of the old folk house. Both the exterior and interior have a beautiful contrast between the black beams and pillars that have a long history and the white new walls. The living room, dining room, and kitchen where people relax, have become a relaxing space with a nostalgic exposed beam.
In this construction project, while inheriting the historical appearance and figure of traditional wooden buildings, we were able to renovate the old folk house and contribute to the maintenance and conservation of the townscape.
We hope that this building will take root in the community and continue to be used for a long time.

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