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Latest update: 19/09/2023 12:38:11

Mitsuru Corporation

We manufacture innovative products with aluminum expertise and technology.

With our advanced aluminum welding technology, we are able to manufacture large products exceeding 3 meters. We manufacture our own brand of aluminum products, including side fences for blind soccer, aluminum tripods, gondolas for work at heights, agricultural goods, horticultural goods, transporting bogies, and security equipment. We also support the creation of original OEM products. It is possible to manufacture hybrid products by combining them with other materials (iron, stainless steel), not only aluminum.

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Mitsuru’s technology
Three reasons to choose our company
Advanced aluminum welding technology
Aluminum is characterized by good thermal conductivity and a low melting point.
Since it has good thermal conductivity, heat spreads easily throughout the base material. In addition, the color does not change as red as iron when heated, making it difficult to measure the timing of when it will melt. As a result, there are many vendors who are reluctant to process and weld aluminum. Our accumulated expertise and experience in welding aluminum makes it possible to produce large-scale aluminum products that other companies cannot produce.

Creative proposal capabilities
We are actively working with our customers to propose innovative products that take advantage of the characteristics of aluminum, and create original OEM products.
We sometimes visit the customer to check the site and to measure the actual products. We solve your problems by making proposals that cannot be made by other companies, by taking into account the actual problems and concerns of our customers.

Extensive knowledge of metalworking backed by years of experience
We make products that take advantage of the characteristics of aluminum: light, durable, and rust-free. We propose materials and machining that meet the needs of customers, rather than focusing on aluminum only. Hybrid products can also be made by combining them with other metals.
Product examples
Tripods and ladders
Agricultural subsidies
Hand carts
Light truck-related
Other products for convenience
Man catchers
Snow dumps
Customized production (OEM) results
Float lifting ramp
We received external dimension drawings and illustrations, and we received a design request.
The height required for the ramp was 7 meters, and  it was necessary to make it invisible to the customer when it was lowered to the backyard.
In addition, safety is emphasized, so it was also necessary to carry out load tests.
The height is 7 meters, and it is too large to be transported as it is, so we designed it so that it can be divided into three parts. This made it invisible even when it is lowered into the backyard.
We determined that it is not possible to ensure the safety and convenience of our clients with external dimensions and illustrations alone, so in order to propose something more practical, we visited the site, measured the actual size, and did design based on that.

Blind soccer fences
The official rules for blind soccer require the installation of side fences, but there is a shortage of side fences in Japan. Moreover, it hurt the grass, so it was hard to choose the venue for official games.
Our blind soccer side fences are also gentle on natural turf, and are approved for use in the Tohoku Denryoku Big Swan Stadium, which is certified as Class 1 by the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF).

Aluminum cargo hand carts
The external and internal dimensions of the cargo hand carts used in store backyards are determined to some extent, and depending on the products handled, the cargo hand carts may be too large or too small. We aimed to increase efficiency by effectively utilizing inventory space at the backyard and by designing sizes that match the passage width.
To make it easier for women to work, we made the cargo hand cart lighter than conventional cargo hand carts.

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