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Latest update: 19/09/2023 12:38:11

KOC Co., Ltd.

Energy is the foundation of our business. We aim to provide more advanced and multifunctional energy.

The Group operates five businesses: food products, service stations, external sales, petrochemicals, and real estate. In the food business, we operate a curry store and sell retort curry that allows customers to enjoy the taste of the store at home. Our service stations include a store in Izumiotsu-Kita, Osaka, and we also provide a rent-a-car service. In the external sales business, the Group promptly and reliably supplies fuel oil and lubricant to customers in various industries in southern Osaka Prefecture. In the petrochemical business, the Group delivers PE bags, PP bags, laminated films, stretch films, pallets, sheets, and other packing materials.

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Business Introduction
Foods Business
Fukushima Joto Curry
“This curry is sweet”
Customers eating Tokumasa curry for the first time all feel this way from the first bite. However, just when they have let their guard down, a pleasant spiciness spreads from inside the mouth to the back of the throat shortly after. We make curry that is not just spicy nor is it oddly sweet. By perfectly harmonizing the seemingly contradictory flavors of spiciness and sweetness, we are able to create a curry roux that leaves a deep, lingering aftertaste.
Service Station
Self Izumiotsu Kita
This service station is a one-minute walk from Kita-Sukematsu Station to the sea side, along Prefectural Route 204 (formerly Route 26), and it has been loved by locals for a long time.
Currently, we also offer rental cars, and if it's a compact class (such as Fit or March), you can use it for ¥2,500 for 12 hours and ¥3,300 for 24 hours.
Even Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays, and New Year's holidays, we offer cheap prices without extra fees, so please use them!
We look forward to your visit with our motto, “Peace of mind, more vitality, certain satisfaction. That’s the Idemitsu promise”. 
External sales business
Stable energy supply system closely tied to local industries
With the southern part of Osaka Prefecture as our main territory, our external sales department provides prompt and stable supply of fuel oil and lubricating oil to customers in various industries in the region, greatly contributing to the revitalization of the local industrial economy.
We have a complete supply system centered on coastal oil depots. We are proud of KOC's mission to ensure that there is no delay to customers, even for a short period of time.
Going forward, the company will expand its sales activities to include all areas of Osaka Prefecture, focusing on sales activities closely tied to the local community. We will continue our efforts to establish our own efficient delivery system.
Petrochemical business
To developing new petroleum possibilities and food industry content
We established our petrochemical division in April 1980 to seek new possibilities for petroleum, to explore application fields, and to deal with all petroleum-related matters.
It continues to grow as the third pillar behind KOC's traditional lubricants and fuel oils that have built stable foundation.
Currently, we have three fields of plastic raw materials, chemical products, and plastic products, and we are expanding our fields widely from basic petrochemical raw materials to intermediate raw materials and final products. Furthermore, as a future initiative, we are working in cooperation with the foods business division to plan not only food packaging but also the contents together with the packaging and to conduct sales consistently.
Real Estate Business
About the Real Estate Business
KOC Corporation offers proposals matched to customer needs through a variety of networks.

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